Hello. Can I join you all?

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Hello. Can I join you all?

Hi! Can I join you all? I used to be fairly active here and then switched to somewhere else for a bit. But, there is no Sept. board there and I'd really like to share this experience with some other ladies.

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.

I'm not really an Air Force wife anymore as my husband got out of the AF last fall and we settled in Virginia. But, it was my original username and easier to keep than to try and change it.

I've been *lurking* for a bit (shame on me!)... and would like become a bit more active here.

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Hi and welcome! You're still an Air Force wife! Once you've lived the life, you don't just give up the title. Thanks for the service your husband provided in his time.

Thanks for posting and hope to see you posting more!

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Welcome and congrats Smile

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Just a little bit more info. My due date is September 12. DH thinks it would be fabulous if Baby Tre (our nickname for now) was born on the 11th because that would be the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

I've had 3 appts. so far. Everything is looking great. First appt. at 8 weeks my OB did an internal u/s (gotta love those)... and moved my due date up 4 days from my LMP. Second appt. at 10 1/2 weeks, we couldn't hear the hb on the doppler, so she did another internal u/s and baby looked great again. Just curled up into a tight ball. Last appt. at 14 1/2 weeks, we found the hb right away... between 150-155 beats per minute.

I had a little bit of dizzyness in the first tri in the afternoons. But now that I'm well into the second tri, things are great. I don't really feel preggo... just in that fat stage.

I think I've felt the baby move a little here and there... at about 15 1/2 weeks, which is a lot later than the other 2 pregnancies, but I think it's because I've been so busy chasing the other two and we just moved into a new house and have been busy setting it up.

I'm thinking this baby might be a girl because the early symptoms were more similar to my pregnancy with my DD than DS. But, I'd really like a boy next to alternate kids... silly, eh?

Okay... enough rambling. Wink

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Welcome back to PO, and welcome to Sept! Glad you delurked.

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Hi and welcome to Sept! Please make yourself at home Biggrin

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Welcome to the board, fellow Virginian! I've lived in this state over 4 years. The only thing I hate about it is allergies, the James River kills me.

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Hi and welcome!

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Welcome to the board!!!

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my husband is out of the service too but the heart is always there.

welcome and congrats!

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Welcome and congrats!!

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Welcome! HH9M, or what's left of it anyway!

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welcome back!!! Smile

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