Hello Heartburn!

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Hello Heartburn!

So, the heartburn has kicked in today. I've had a few bouts of it and so far it's not bad/long lasting enough to take a Tums, but it's started! Don't recall having heartburn with my boys, but man oh man I sure did with my girls. I'm well prepared with 2 bottles of Tums lol, hopefully I won't need to use too many but I'm ready just in case. Heartburn is one of the most annoying aspects of pregnancy I think - after the morning sickness that is!

How's everyone else doing in the heartburn department? Oh and according to the wives tale you're suppused to have a baby with LOTS of hair... that's false my kids were born with peach fuzz lol.

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I've had it a few weeks now. I munch on papaya enzyme pills like candy... lol

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i cant even tell you how many bottles of Tums i have been through since becoming pregnant. i will go days without an issue, them BAM, i have it BAD for days on end....i am not enjoying it. atleast we are getting our calcium Wink

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I've been meaning to post this for a couple days. I have been smooth sailing until this week. This week I have been popping TUMS nightly! UGH!

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Ugh I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with this. With my first, I didn't get heartburn until the very end of the pregnancy. I'd never had it before and I pretty much thought I was dying! Lol! This time, I've had it occasionally, usually when I've eaten something acidic. But overall it hasn't been bad. I'm hoping that I don't get it as bad as last time, or that if I do, it will hold off until the last couple of weeks like it did with DD. Hope you all feel better!

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Im starting to get a little bit at night.

It doesnt HURT, but I dont like the pukey feel when it gets all up almost to teh back of your throat (sorry TMI)

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I normally have reflux so I'm on Prevacid. I never had heartburn until I was pg with Brandon and after that I've had all kinds of problems. This pg, surprisingly, it hasn't been that bad. I've found that eating a lot more fruits and veggies and less heavy, fried, stuff, works really well for me. There are days it's really bad though and I have to reach for the TUMS.

I don't know about the old wives tales, but Brandon had a ton of hair, even at 34 weeks. I think most babies born in our family are born with hair (on both sides) so maybe it's genetic too, idk. I would be very surprised if I gave birth to a bald baby though, lol.