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I have them:)

I have been constipated (severely with cramping) since the beginning so it was only a matter of time but not pleasant regardless! First time I have ever had theM!

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Ugh that sucks I'm sorry. I have had the opposite the whole time diarrhea.

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I have them tooo... Not fun at all Sad

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Bummer. I had them after I had Brandon but I didn't suffer from them (or constipation) while pg with him or this time around.

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I got them with my first and they were BAD. They never really went away Sad I'm sorry you have to experience them!! I really like witch hazel pads for when they are irritated and dermoplast spray when they get really irritated.

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I'm sorry :-(. I have avoided them so far, but I don't know how much longer that will last. I had the constipation issue at first, but I discovered it was my anti-nausea medication that was causing it. Since I've finally been able to go off the medication, it went away. There was a post on the NCB board about a cream that helps with pretty much everything down in that region... Earth Mama Bottom Balm? Something like that. I've heard from several people that it's really great.

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I didn't have them with my first pregnancy but I've had them ever since her delivery :-? Not any fun and they don't seem to go away anymore