here are afew pics from skys horse show

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here are afew pics from skys horse show

sorry proud momma

so sad this pic came out blurry Sad

here's one more

Thanks for viewing Smile

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I apologize pics are so big I am havingg problems with photo bucket I edit the size yet the still come up huge. sorry Im soo not computer savy.

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That is so awesome, CONGRATS!!!!!! Great pics

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Good looking kid you have there! I would be one proud momma as well! He looks so confident?

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Way to go Sky! He looks so proud of himself! (and he should be!)

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Those are adorable I'm so happy he rides English I don't get many boys that ride English they always learn western. Love the 1st place ribbon..woohoo

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Yay skylar!!!! thanks for sharing.

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Cute pics. He looks very proud of himself!

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Look at him! He looks so happy. Did he get to choose between English and Western? We did both growing up. I loved English for the jumping and dressage and Western for the gaming and team penning. What can I say? We did it all. I also taught my mare how to pull a cart, so I did driving too!

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How exciting!!! I too love that he rides english Smile I rode mainly english (hunter/jumpers) growing up but did some western during 4H and a bit of driving as pony was broke to drive not ride when we bought him! I love seeing kids in proper dress as well!!! Around here they have gotten away from the clean white tops to brighter colored tops and also gotten away from proper show helmets Sad He looks so proud!!! WTG Sky!

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Thanks everyone Smile SKy was very proud of himself!!
He usually rides western (he does the special needs trail therapy program)
but recently wanted to try english :eek: which i am kinda opposed to I dont want him getting in to the competiveness of the english (in the western program all the kids r special needs) in the english HE is the only special needs kid ( i was a hunter jumper growing up and spent thousands and thousands on showing and to be honest I cant afford that and i lost the love of horses it all became about money winning and who has the nicest horse Sad ) I too love the sharpeness of the classic white top and helmet. here too its about bright colours too .
I have created a monster he is already asking when the next show is :confused:
this horse therapy program has been the best thing for him its the first time he is proud of himself Biggrin and i asked him why he loved horses so much and his reply " because they dont make fun of me and I feel free and not like myself"
thanks for reading my rambling

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I love his reply to your question, it makes me tear up hehe. He is absolutly adorable.

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Horse shows are addicting Smile I totally understand the "english-hunter/jumper" attitude. We never fit in the circuit crowd...I rode an auction pony and never had a real trainer. nor did my horse go off to a trainer. I miss the horses, but if I never set foot in a show ring again I'll be okay with people can be nasty! I've been away from the show circuit for a long time and when I went back and saw the english kids in colored tops I was floored! When I was showing even pin strips on a riders top was a huge no no! It is wonderful to watch a rider who truely loves riding and does it because they want to. His face is just shining while he's on his horse. He has a great smile! There is nothing greater than the freedom you feel while on horseback. Hope he continues to love it and good luck to him...and you mama, being a show mama is a lot of work Smile

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Yes I have a new found appreciation to my parents my mom was the total show mom.
I went to europe when i was 13 and brought back 2 horses and even then i was ungrateful my horses were never enough Always wanted to be the best, I have no idea how my mom did it lol putting up with me (she must of really loved me LOL)
I went barrel racing a couple of yrs ago and it was a blast!! I dont care if I ever step into a show ring again.
sorry Im rambling LOL
its neat i feel like I can really conect with skyler when we are around hhorses its the best feeling!!!

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He is soo adorable!!

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We only showed in 4-H... It was a little competitive, but not like what you ladies experience. My parents bought my horse for $900 and I did all the training on her. It was an experience... a good experience. I haven't been a show in ages. I haven't ridden in ages either. My mom always pushed us to be the best in our small circle and it did ruin the fun of riding a bit for me. I just wanted to ride and enjoy it.

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