here's a laugh

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here's a laugh

So we all have crazy pregnancy dreams but this one has a twist. I woke up literally yelling in my sleep last night from my dream. I dreamed I was in the woods and was being attacked by a deer. It was standing over me puffing in my face while it had me pinned on the ground. It was just about to rear up and paw me in the stomach when I flipped out trying to protect Jayden...............

Here's the twist when I woke up, my boxer was standing over me breathing in my face trying to wake me up cause he had to go potty. I was like OMG! All I could do was laugh cause it was so stupid that my brain did that, I'm sure he thought I was psycho for screaming LOL.

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thats awesome! i hope you boxer is counting his lucky stars that he is still alive Biggrin

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That is too funny!

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You have had some crazy dreams this pregnancy!

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Hahahahahah next time I see a deer, I am not going to be able to hold back a giggle or two

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lol aww thats cute, dogs are needy just like kids sometimes i swear! my dogs do circles around my feet when i first wake up, I can't even get dressed or do anything until I let them out side and feed them breakfast. jeeze!!

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How funny. That is a crazy dream.