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Just wanted to say "Hey!"... and post a little update. We made it through Hurricane Irene this weekend with little more than rain for a whole day and some winds Saturday night. But, I did have a ton of BH contrax that started Saturday afternoon and continued until like 2:00 am Sunday morning... they got most intense when the air pressure from the storm was the lowest. Several people told me that the low air pressure experience during a hurricane can bring on labor. I was so nervous about it actually being the real thing and having to drive through the stormy weather to the hospital, because some of them were quite intense and they were close (3-5) minutes together for a few hours, affecting my back as well. I threw a few more things in my hospital suitcase, so now it is completely packed except for last minute stuff like makeup and hairdryer and I-pod. We just decided to go to sleep and see what would happen and everything calmed down in the morning. I had a friend in town all weekend from St. Louis and we just relaxed and talked and talked and watched a movie (at home) and got pedicures and played with the kids. DH was amazing this weekend, cooking us all kinds of yummy food and cleaning up the kitchen and watching the peeps so I could have girl time. It was just what I needed. So now that I've hit 38 weeks and I got my friend visit in, I'm totally ready for baby to come... at least physically... mentally, I'm still a little nervous about the whole natural labor thing again (even though my last two labors have been great). But none the less, I think we are ready for baby day now.

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Glad you made it through the hurricane ok and that baby is still baking!!!

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Hey your self! I am glad you "weathered" the storm okay and glad that you didn't have to o in!

Good or you for being so ready, I am also nervous about labour!

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Glad you came through the storm okay! My parents still don't have power, but other than that they came through okay as well- glad that you don't have to deal with power outages! I have also heard that a drop in barometric pressure can bring on labor. Sounds like you had a great time with your friend!

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I'm glad you all made it through the storm ok. I need some of that motivation as i have not packed my bag yet.The kids are in school next week s I will probably utilize those 2 days a week to get myself together.

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Glad you made it through just fine! We still don't have power, but our house is fine which is more than a lot of people in my area can say.

I had a lot of BH during the storm as well, the barometric pressure was why I was so worried I would go into labor this last weekend.

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Glad everything is good. Sounds like you and your friend had a great visit.

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Glad you are okay. Smile