Hi Ladies!

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Hi Ladies!

Hi everyone how are you all doing? How was Christmas, hope it was good! Sorry for not being around, it's been insane around here, and now all the kids are home for 2 weeks for Christmas holidays, and we have lots of family based gifts they got, so we're going to try and spend as much time with them as possible. So far I haven't gotten too many more grey hairs LOL!

All is well here, Alyssa was soooo well behaved for Christmas, she hardly slept all day but was in an excellent mood. We spent the day at the inlaws and she was awake for most of it. She took a couple naps and when I did try and put her on my nephews bed for a nap *nicely baracaded of course with pillows and a big blanket!* she slept maybe an hour and was back up happy as can be. I can't believe a week today she'll be 4 months old, what the heck! She's trying soooo hard to roll back to belly, and when she is on her belly it's comical, she lifts her head way up and is way up on her arms, then lifts her legs up so she's balancing on her belly LOL. Hubby said she was trying to roll back to her back but couldn't figure it out. She also gets SO mad when she can't make it from back to belly. I thought for sure for Christmas she'd give us a first, but nope, not yet!

I will have a ton of pics to post at some point, though I can't say for sure when that will be. Hope all is well and I will pop in again sometime soon. Hugs to all of you Smile

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Hi! I understand the 'Christmas craziness'. My kids are also home and WoW its SOOO loud in here..lol. I'm glad to hear all is well with you guys!