Hi ladies!

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Hi ladies!

Sorry it's been so long.

LIfe went nuts at my house.

The 18 year old got in a physical fight with my husband.

That resulted in her moving out and him going into a psych hospital for 6 days followed by 3 weeks of intensive outpatient therapy.

I had to hire a nanny.

ANyway, I've barely had time to breathe much less anythign else.

Cassandra is doing well. SHe is up 2-3 times at night to eat (usually), but it's not that big of a deal. We're still breastfeeding exclusively. DH or my nanny bring her to my work 1-2x per day and I go home once. She usually gets 2 bottles per week, one on Monday at 5 pm and one on Tuesday at 2:30. It works out pretty well.

She's getting active. She *can* roll both ways (though she doesnt very often), she says "dada" and is blowing raspberries like crazy. SHe's getting very intentional in her movements and can play with all the toys in her jumparoo and exersaucer.

SHe is now 15 lbs, was 23.5 inches at her 4 month checkup (havent measured her lately), size 2 diapers, and her 6 month sleepers fit perfectly, which means we'll need to break out the 9month ones soon. (yikes!)

oh, and she had strep throat 2 weeks ago. That was fun, since Brayden had it also. (NOT)


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Glad to see you back. I've been wondering where you ran off to. Smile

So sorry to hear about your DH and the 18 year old. That sounds very rough! Glad it's working out.

Good to have you back.


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Sorry you had to go through that. It would be a lot to handle with a small baby and child to look after :openarms::openarms:

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I've been wondering where you have been. Glad to hear that things are going well. Sorry your life has been so crazy though. That's alot to deal with.

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Hey Star, thanks for checking in! I'm sorry to hear it has been so chaotic in the last month or two for you.

Crazy how quickly these babies grow, huh? I was looking through DD1's baby photo album today, though, and now I'm excited to pull out some of the outfits in the next size up. Biggrin

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Wow, it sounds like things have been really crazy for you recently. Glad you checked in and that Cassandra is doing well.

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Good to hear from you! Sorry that things have been so rough for you. Glad the little ones are doing well!