Hit the big 200 :(

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Hit the big 200 :(

Ok so i'm totally freaking bummed out right now Sad I've had such a great weigh gain this pregnancy, for the first 23 weeks i didn't gain anything at all and then all of the sudden I've gained almost 30lbs in under 10 weeks. I'm still 12lbs under where i was with DS but at the same time i really didn't want to hit 200lbs this time around. Everything hurts, my joints are sore and even my heels are in pain Sad

Thats all, just needed to bit#h a bit...

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So sorry. Sad I had a huge complex when I hit 200 with baby1, never went back under after I had him, and three months later preggo with baby2.

Go to the chiro! I can't say how much I feel it has done for me this time around.

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I find it weird that in two pregnancies I didn't gain any weight until 16 weeks. However, after that I gain like crazy. In my first, i gained 54 lbs (194 final weight). Right now i'm up 35 lbs but I started 10 lbs heavier than last time (I actually gained weight in my 2nd pregnancy and then gained more after the m/c).

At my last two appointments I got the lecture on weight gain (averaging 2 lbs/week). The week I started my iron supplement I gained 6 lbs :eek:

My only positive is that I am gaining less weight than in my first pg but since I started higher, it works out to be about the same final weight.

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That's how I gain too, nothing until about mid-way through and then like crazy after that. The least I've gained is 30lbs, that was with my son and again, I didn't start gaining until after 20 weeks, so 30lbs in 16 weeks (had him at 36w). It was even more with my girls and this time will definitely be more since I've already gained at least 30lbs and hopefully still have a few weeks. It stinks because this time I've been watching what I'm eating and exercising (well not quite as much on that anymore since I started contracting) and yet I'm still going at about 2lbs a week every single appointment.

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sorry chica! *hugs*

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Aww, Kat. I'm so sorry!!!! i hope it all "melts away" those first few days after she's born. Sad It's rough gaining weight so fast. (My jaw drops when I step on the scale at my appointments)

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I'm so sorry! I have to say I really hate the whole weight gain part of pregnancy. I wish I was one of those women who only put it on in the belly, but for me it goes to my thighs and butt as well (so attractive). I lost all the weight after I had DD, but I had to work really hard at it, and it took me 10 months. It was super frustrating too, because several of my friends had babies around the same time, and the weight just came right off them without them even trying. One of them lost ALL the pregnancy weight in 2 weeks... I'm not kidding. It made me feel like such a loser. But, I got it off eventually. Not looking forward to having to do that again.

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Weight gain in my mind is the worst part of pregnancy. I didn't lose the weight after DD unfortunately but I am determned to lose it after this one!

Keep your chin up girly! I am sure you will be able to lose it!

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I left 200 in the dust! LMBO!!!!!
At my WEEKLY appt yesterday I had gained 6lbs :eek:
Of course I am swelling like nobodies business too! UGH!

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Ok, so i pee'd like 15 times last night and now weigh 199.9 LOL, atleast it put a tiny smile on my face for a brief second.

it's crazy how different this pregnancy is with weight gain. with DS I litterally sat around for 9 months because i was out of work. i just cleaned up the house which never really got that dirty and went to lunch with friends like 3x a week. this time I'm watching what i eat, am constantly running after a 2 year old and never seem to find time to sit down...ever. i don't see how I could have gained tht much weight. DH thinks it's my sudden cravings for ceral and whole milk late at night...and that could have something to do with it.

The weight came off pretty easy with Ds and breastfeeding but it took almost a full year....hoping it does the same this time around. Thankfully this one will be born at the end of bathing suit season and not right before it like DS was :eek:

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Shoot, although I haven't gained much. I started out waaay past 200, closer to 250 actually (maybe 240)

I am determined to lose A LOT once baby is out and I've recovered.

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I agree with Erin - weight gain is definitely the WORST part of pregnancy. It sounds like I am the opposite of you ladies...I gained way too much in the beginning, but now it is starting to even out. I gained the same amount I did with DS in the entire pregnancy in the first 6 months this time around.

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I had a really hard time dealing with the weight gain when I was pregnant with dd. I have not been weighing myself at home and step on the scale backwards at the Dr's office. I do not want to know my weight.

I have a BS in Exercise & Wellness and was in the health/fitness industry for 10 years before making the decision to stay at home with dd. When we have these babies and are ready to get the weight off, I am here to answer any questions and give any suggestions you or anyone else might have Smile

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I am approaching this now and not happy about it. I have only gained 6lbs total, but 200 is not a nice number, but I know I will go past it.

atleast its for an awesome reason Smile

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Aww Im sorry,
I know how you feel Kat, I just hit 200 lbs and totally started bawling It can be depressing it took forever for me to lose the weight with my ds.
I am sure you will lose the weight.
keep ur chin up.
I agree gaining weight is the worst part about being preggers its just down right depressing.

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What a bummer. I'm expecting to be close to the 200 mark this time around. I've gained about 31 lbs. so far but I've still got a ways to go. With Brandon I gained 40 lbs. but I was a lot smaller then. This time around, I was about 15 lbs. heavier than I would have liked (due to the prev. pg, miscarriage, then the holidays) but I'll do my best to lose it after baby gets here.

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I don't usually gain much weight in pregnancy, but I have to admit that it
s still disheartening to see the scale go up so much even though I know it's all baby. Just keep in mind that a lot of the weight will come off as soon as you give birth, hopefully there won't be too much extra!