Hiya - Update on Us :)

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Hiya - Update on Us :)

Hiya ladies :). Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for not being here as often, I find I'm mostly on Facebook these days, along with a couple other sites hunting down coupons and deals since Christmas is fastly approaching! I can't believe we're just about a month away, where'd time go?

Anyways, good news. I don't have to be cut open again :woohoo:!! I saw the surgeon and what happened was I have a pocket of fluid/blood build up after the surgery which apparently is quite common. He said it'll slowly disolve and I'll be alright, but to take it easy and it will cause some discomfort, but otherwise, carry on with life as normal. He did say though that if I started getting a bulge or something to call the office and he'll get me in and fixed up, but it shouldn't come to that. So that's a HUGE sigh of relief!

Alyssa is doing wonderfully! She's all smiles these days and even more adorable than she already is. I need to post some new pics of her soon! Tomorrow we're going to Sears to get our family pics done, and we always get the CD so I will for sure post some pics at some point this weekend, if not early next week.

Sunday, we're off to Breakfast with Santa. We pay to have a pancake breakfast and then after, Santa shows up and the kids all go and get their pics taken. This should be interesting as I know Hailey will freak - she's shy as hell and there's NO way she's gonna sit on someone's lap she don't know. She gets upset when we visit family cause that's just how she is.... she's shy and I guess just wants to be with us. She's fine with family after a while but cries and cries. I'm thinking I'm gonna end up having my pic with Santa too cause I'll probably have to hold her beside Santa... yikes lol.

Other than that, I don't think there's anything else really going on at the moment Smile

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Glad to hear Alyssa is doing well and that you don't have to have surgery. I know that you were really worried about being cut open again so at least now you don't have to.

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Glad everything is good and that you don't have to have surgery again.

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yay for not needing surgery!! Yahoo
hope that it heals up soon tho.
Glad Alyssa is doing well Smile