holding toys

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holding toys

Can your baby hold things in his hands?

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Yes. If I hand him a toy he'll hold onto it (by himself) and play with it for awhile (or try to eat it) before he eventually drops it.

Edit: He can grab the ones on his play mat or his bouncy seat by himself and hold onto them.

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If I hand it to him he can hold onto it. His arm control is getting a little better, when he's on his playmat he plays with those toys but he hasn't full on grabbed them yet.

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They try to grab the toys on their playmat but to actually hand them a toy to hold on to, they can't grab it quite yet. They are trying.

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Kesler is triing! He is almost there but not quite. Soon tho Smile

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I haven't really given Evie the opportunity yet. But she definitely gets grabby and pully when she's hungry (imagine grabbing your shirt from away from her and trying to bring it to her mouth).

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Nope. I try to encourage it by putting him in his Bumbo and holding a toy in front of him but generally he doesn't pay it any attention, or even look at it. I am a little concerned because I think by now he should at least be able to focus on an item if I wiggle it in his face, but he doesn't. I'm going to ask his doctor at his 2 month appt if I should be worried or just give it time.

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CJ has a strong grip. He can hold toys...we have this moose thing with rings and other things to hang on to and he'll hold it for a a little bit. He definitely prefers grabbing fistfuls of my hair though.

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Selah can't reach for something and grab it on her own yet, but if I hand her this one rattle, she'll hold it for a bit. She's getting really good at holding my finger when nursing and grabbing my shirt and hair though! She also likes to grab her ear with one hand while trying to suck on her other thumb/fingers!

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Ashton will hold onto his wubbanub if I give it to him. He also grabs his blanket and will suck on it. He's starting to grab at my hair while nursing which is cute but PAINFUL when he gets a handful of it lol!!

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She is super quick at grabbing her big sister's hair, but not as much with toys.

She doesn't seem very interested in toys on her playmat or whatever, but when I had her on my lap as I pumped the other day, she kept whacking at the bottles. :biglaugh:

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I got Brad to hold on to a rattle and (not intentionally) shake it...funny how proud you are of the little things they do Smile