Holiday card exchange

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Holiday card exchange

I think quite a few people were interested in doing a holiday card exchange. I have the list of people that participated in the gift exchange so I still have those addresses. If you are interested, send a message with your address or let me know on this thread. Please do this by November 25th. I will try to have the PM to everyone participating to you by November 27th.

The rules for the exchange on the same as always.
Eligibility for participation in exchanges (any form!) are set at a minimum of 3 months membership AND a minimum of 300 posts. Of these 300 posts, for birth boards that are 2 years and younger--100 posts should be on the board hosting the swap.

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We're in. You should still have our address but if not, let me know.

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Count me in, I was part of the gift exchange so you should have my address.

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Count me in!!! I didn't do the exchange sooo I will pm u my addy!

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Fun! I'm in!

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I'm in as well

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I'm in!

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Sorry, I can't afford it right now. Yup... things are THAT tight right now that I can't afford a lousy $3 for a card and a stamp. :confused:

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I don't know if we're even doing Christmas cards this year :-? I procrastinated a little too much on Christmas outfits, the girls' dresses should be here next week but I have yet to find outfits for the boys that 'match' or at least go with, we're getting pictures done of them in their outfits but we'll see how much time we have to spare.

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We can exchange emails also and send cards that way too!

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Count me in Smile

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I'm in, you should have my address

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I'd love to... But I only have like 50 posts on here...

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Should be getting a PM from me this weekend so please be looking for it.

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Somehow I totally missed this post while we had company... Is there any way I can be added to the list? I'd love to receive either e-mail or snail mail cards... Smile

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Just wanted to say I am LOVING all the cards ladies! So great to get some real mail and have pics of beautiful babies/families hanging around the house!

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Wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about mailing ours out, just haven't done it yet! So ours might be more like a New Year's card rather than a Christmas card. Wink