Home-birth story... beautiful.

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Home-birth story... beautiful.

Here's a little inspiration for those of us still hanging out waiting to give birth. Smile


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That was beautiful... but totally not like my birth at home in ANY way. Wink

First, she looked so good the whole time. Her hair looked nice, she looked so unhappy and not uncomfortable at all. lol
NOT me at all. Wink

That babe was so tiny! her head was not even 12inches! My hulk baby had a 15 inch head. Wink

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Beautiful! Makes me so happy that I will have a birth photographer present. Can't wait to hear the song she has picked for my slideshow. I love "This Woman's Work"! Brings tears to my eyes everytime!

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Wow that was so incredibly beautiful... I would love to look that good during and after L&D!!