Hope you ladies don't mind....

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Hope you ladies don't mind....

but I lurk here quite a bit. I am "officially" due Oct 9th. And while my last baby DS #4 was 2 weeks late my DD (4th baby) was a month early.......I also had DS #3 late and then the twins 2 months early soooooo.......thought I'd hang here some just in case.

Not to mention, while I know US can be off quite a bit my US tech at my BIG US seemed alittle surprised that baby girl ( YES FINALLY I AM GETTING ANOTHER GIRL....LOL) was already measuring just under 1 lb and I was only 19 weeks. So we shall see......

ANYWAY....I am Amanda, single mom to 5 kiddos (Kodey & Kaleb 12, Cameron 11, Cheyann 7.5, and Cole 3.5). And a baby girl on the way.

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:wavehello: Hiya Amanda!

I lurk a lot on August and October (even though I have no chance of delivering in October..), and I don't mind another friendly face!

Will baby girl have a K/C name?

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The more the merrier! Jump on in Amanda! Biggrin

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Congrats on your baby girl and welcome Smile

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Hello and welcome! Jump right in! Congrats on your baby girl!

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Nice to meet ya! your have a beautiful family! Jump right in, the more the merrier!

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Congrats on your baby girl!!! I lurk on August too since there's a chance I'll deliver then Smile

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Congrats on your baby girl. Welcome to September.

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Welcome and congrats on another girl!! How fun. Smile

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:wavehello: Congrats and welcome.

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Congrates on ur baby girl and WELCOmE!!!! Smile

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Welcome! This is going to get confusing though...I'm Amanda also, and I'm having a girl too!
I'm so impressed by you - a single mom of soon-to-be-six?! I'm overwhelmed by my 1 soon-to-be 2!