Hospital Intervention? for BTDT moms

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Hospital Intervention? for BTDT moms

The last time you delivered, did the hospital staff micromanage your delivery or did they let you go through it how you wanted until their intervention was required?

I was pretty much left alone which was fine with me until I got to the delivery stage. I had the initial and final cervical check and 20 minutes of being monitored in the bed and the rest of the time I was walking (very slowly). I don't know how people can stay in bed if they don't have an epidural because contractions while I was laying there being monitored were unbareable because I couldn't move!

Reading other people's experiences makes me wonder what will happen this time as they talk about the hospital staff trying to make their labour fit into what the hospital staff wanted to do.

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with my first nothing went how i planned ( but in the staffs defense there were alot of complications) but with this baby i have made a birth plan and i have told curtis i want to stick by it.. and that i will need him to help enforce itt. sorry that im not much help but i have a bit of anxeity about how my labour will go.

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I LOVE my birthing center. It is a hospital facility (connected to the hospital).

My first experience with them was pit induced and they checked on me frequently, but I did not feel like they were intruding as I was TRULY having a difficult time with it. They were quick to bring me anything I needed and after the baby was born I remember it felt like I was at a bed and breakfast with room service. It was great.

I looked forward to my second birth there because my experience was so positive the first time (despite the horrible labor I endured). This time I was further into the labor process when we augmented with cervadil instead of pitocin. We started it at night instead of in the middle of the afternoon, so the room was nice and dim and quiet and, again, I did not feel like they were being intrusive at all. They checked on me, but left me alone and spoke with my birthing coach or my husband so as not to disturb my labor. Again, they were quick to respond if I summoned them. They took every concern I had seriously... like when my mom and sisters were there holding the baby and socializing I suddenly felt weak and thought I was gonna pass out, my pulse shot up and I just didn't feel good at all. We pushed the button and said we needed someone now. They came running in and made sure I was okay before they left the room again, they offered to kick out my family if I wanted rest and to take the baby to the nursery. I was fine with having them there, so they honored my wishes and allowed them to stay.

I am again looking forward to a positive experience at the birthing center. I feel as though they have just the right amount of customer care... at least for me. Smile

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My plan with DD1 was for a typical vaginal delivery but to go along with whatever the doctor recommended if there were any complications. Turns out that she was breech so it was straight to surgery for me and I was ok with that. I just wanted her to be healthy.
For DD2 I was perfectly fine with a c-section for her too and I will be having a section for this one. So, I have never really been in a position of feeling pressured to do anything that I did not want to do. I have always been flexible and purposely not letting myself get too attached to a specific birth plan.

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With my last on the papers I was given to fill out they asked if I had a birth plan to give them, and if not, if I had any requests as to how things should go. My only request was that hubby cut the cord, as I know that's something he likes and while I provided life to this little baby for 9 months, cutting the cord is the ultimate start to 'life'. It's also a very special moment I think and all dads want in on it.

I trust the Dr completely, there's been nothing but good about him, he actually saved my sons' workers life after she had one of her kids x amount of years ago when no other Dr was able to figure out just what was going on. With Hailey, even after they broke my water they asked if I wanted to go for a walk, well, dumb me said sure because I couldn't handle laying there anymore and all I did was laugh my a$$ off because I was leaking fluid so much I was leaving a trail all over :ROFL:. Hubby thought I was nuts, but up till they started pitocin I was free to walk around if I wanted etc.

They pretty much just left me alone though, not constantly hounding me about this or that. They checked me occasionally, checked the monitors asked the occasional question, and just overall were great. Plus it was the middle of the night so they wanted both me and hubby to try and rest - ya right that was impossible for me to do!!

Over all though, it was whatever I wanted, but I was fine with whatever the Dr had to do should complications arrive. I'm all for Dr intervention and if something needs to be done differently then by all means do so.

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They mostly left me alone and were very respectful of my wishes. Of course, we still ended up in a crash/emergency situation so I had a c-section (under general anesthesia) but that is a pretty rare occurrence. The staff was really great and supportive, and they jumped in fast when we ended up in an emergency.

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We're having the same type of conversation over on the Nov 11 BB. I started this thread because after 4 hospital births, I realized there were unneccesary interventions that I could have avoided. I really want a water birth with a midwife this time but it looks like I may have to give birth at the hospital. That's fine, but I am educating myself on how to avoid those interventions so I can have as close to a natural, medically un-managed birth experience. I'm reading Henci Goer's book, "Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth". In it it talks about every intervention that could be used, and how to avoid them if possible. Here is a link to that thread:

Feel free to chime in! Smile

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I had a lot of interventions last time around. I went in with fluid issues though, so I wasn't surprised. My OB and peri decided it was unsafe to continue the pregnancy so I was induced. Then they broke my water and inserted internal monitors. Then, when my induction was deemed a failure and things started heading into dangerous waters, they offered me the c-section. They didn't really push it but they strongly urged me. Part of it was also that I was completely unprepared and six weeks early and was having complications so at that point I was so scared I just wanted the baby healthy.

This time around I'm at a different hospital and I think it will be a much better experience overall. My doctors seem very willing to help me have the birthing experience I want so I'm confident that as long as there are no major complications, that they will let me kind of lead the way in what I want/don't want.

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I'm pretty go with the flow so while there are things I would *like* to happen I'm not set on anything other than what is right at that point in time. I have been pretty lucky though, all my births have gone pretty smooth and quick, not much time to intervene. Last time the nurse who was with me for the last part of my labor was great, I did have pitocin which wouldn't have been my first choice but it wasn't bad.

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I'm not against interventions. There is definately a time and place for them and that is why I feel most comfortable delivering at a hospital. I guess, I just don't want to show up at the hospital and have them decide that I have to be in bed or have a certain course of pain management just because.

I did never think about walking around after your waters break and leaving a trail :rolleyes: That might make me more stationary. When mine broke, I had 2 big gushes and then nothing.

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The nurses didn't have a problem after my water broke with me walking around, though I didn't leave my room (I could have I'm sure) but I just held a chux pad between my legs and then put one on a birthing ball to sit on. I guess it depends on your hospital. I think with my midwives delivering at the hospital they are pretty natural birth friendly (from everything I've heard they are the most natural birth friendly in town), I know with my older two the nurses were super cranky and in the room to do checks and that's about it. It was a different hospital though.

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With DD1 I was induced. With my Raynaud's my Dr didn't want to take chance of my body giving us any issues(it is a blood vessel disorder). Plus I developed early signs of pre-eclampsia 5 days before my scheduled induction. Everything went fine, to me at least until I started pushing. DD's heart rate DROPPED SCARY LOW, and I had an emergency c/s.

With the twins, no question...c/s. I know many would turn their nose at me or lecture me, but all the stuff surrounding DD's birth SCARED ME TO DEATH. The c/s/ was calm, relaxed and wonderful. My Dr. is the one I credit for that. She's amazing. Ok, the events leading up to the c/s were not fun, low platelets, high b/p, swelling.....and then after on magnesium sulfate sucked.

I did come up with and AFTER birth plan because things were getting hectic with DH's parent and such. They were super excited about their first (and only) grandson, and my family was griping about who was DH going to call first, blah blah blah. We also didn't want to have TOO many visitor, but didn't want to push people away so this was what we had(NOTE: the last paragraph about "fighting over the babies was said with the utmost sarcam)

"As of now, I am scheduled for a c-section on Sept 15th at 7:30am. I may or may not make it to this date. Our hope is that I do. Smile So as of now, the twins bday is Sept 15th.

Please do not be offended if you do not receive word right away. Derek will do a contact tree of sorts like he did last time and we'll need everyone's help to spread the word. This way he's not spending the whole morning on the phone.

Hospital policy is set so that the twins will be in the recovery room with me until I am moved into my own room. This is a new policy which excites me because I did not get to have Marisa with me when she was born and didn't see/hold her for 3 hours. Thank you for this change in policy Women's Hospital. I only saw DD2, as DS went to the there went that part of the plan lol

When Marisa meets her brother and sister for the first time, it will be with just Derek and myself in the room. Just so she is not overwhelmed with alot of people being there and we can introduce her to the babies. This may sound selfish and I am so sorry, it is not meant to. but I just want her to have some one on one time with her new siblings, as her little world is about to be turned upside down. That didn't happen either. But it was ok. she met her sister while my SIL and nieces were there. I was o out of it, I just didn't care. I missed her so much it was o good to see her. he met her brother the day he came home

We are looking forward to having visitors, but we REALLY REALLY would appreciate if you would call before coming to visit. This way the room isn't FILLED with alot of people. We'll be there 72 hours, so there will be plenty of time for visitors. TRUST ME. We are HAPPY to have visitors, please do not read this as us not wanting visitors everyone was totally respectful of this request. When DD1 was born, the people in the room next to u had people in and out of the room NON STOP and the baby was seriously upset 99% of the time. We just did not want that

If I am feeding the twins, I've asked Derek to make sure we have no visitors because I really need that time to get used to all of this, and work through it all with the twins. I am trying not to bottle feed right away unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. (like with Marisa when we needed to supplement.) However, I realize using a bottle MAY be necessary but not something I am going to introduce right away if I can help it.

Please do not "fight" over who is going to hold who. Hahahahahahah I only say this in joking because I had two people (who's names will not be mentioned...wink wink....) Who I should have brought a timer for so they could equally share Marisa. (It was cute to see them fight over her). But really, there will be plenty of time to hold these sweet babies and Derek and I promise not to hog them to ourselves.

Ok, I think that's all for now. LOL. Again, please do not be offended by any of this. these were just thoughts on the matter that Derek and I have had over the last few weeks and I wanted to get it out there so that when they are born no one is hurt because we need a little privacy and such from time to time. "

i totally went at this knowing ANYTHING could happen and did not pitch a fit over any of it. A birth plan is GREAT as long as you understand that at any moment, it can be tossed aside because what I mot important i delivering your little one safely into this world.

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I was asked when I went in to be induced if I had a birth plan. I said I did, and that it said "have a healthy baby in whatever way my medical team thinks best" and the nurses laughed. Maybe its cause I am a nurse in this field, maybe its because I have seen horrible things go wrong with mums and babies, or maybe its because i have seen the medical professionals at my hospital do some amazing things in times of crisis, but I trust them implicitly. I'm not sure I would have the same trust at a hospital i didn't work at.

I was lucky. I went in for induction at 40 wks 5 days, as i was favourable, miserable, had been contracting around the clock for days with no progress, my OB was on call and there were no patients in L&D! They were awesome. As staff, I got to pick my own nurse too! Never saw a resident, only my OB, and was really allowed to guide my care as much as I wanted. Was never pressured into anything. I can only hope that I have a birth experience half as wonderful this time.

I recognize that a lot of people end up with interventions they don't want. I encourage people to be educated, mostly about policies at your hospital, and philosophies of your practitioners. I have seen c-section happy docs, especially after midnight on a weekend (when they get paid more!) and I have seen midwives who are so anti-intervention that they won't call for help when they truly need it, and have had babies and mums die from it. Get to know who you are working with, and come to an understanding of what you would like to see happen, but try to recognize that most docs out there have your and your baby's best interests at heart.

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I couldn't have had a better experience. I was only checked 3 times (when I first got there, once a couple hours later to admit me and another time when I started feeling pushy). And only monitered during those times.

I had written a birth plan but left it at home on purpose. I am not against advice from medical staff and DH knows what I wanted.

I was quiet while labouring and they were always one step ahead of what I needed (hot water bottle and shower for back labour). Not once was I asked if I wanted pain meds!

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My first delivery was largely intervention-free, but our health region is pretty natural birth friendly. I did have a lot of nurses coming in and out to see how I was doing pretty frequently, but I was in the ward in the middle of the day and it was full of labouring mamas in there, so there was lots of people milling about. I'll be delivering at the same hospital this time.