How do you know you're still preggo..

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How do you know you're still preggo..

for those who don't 100% know they feel fetal movement? What symptoms reassure you that that beautiful life is still thriving? this is not meant to be a sad thread, no i am not worried about anything. I'm just curious.

tell us anything "normal" or not normal...

for me it's the heartburn(oh the heartburn!)
the mild feet swelling
the hiccups(my own)
and when i sneeze my belly gets all tight and takes a moment to relax
the fact that when i brush my teeth in the morning i often gag

what else for you

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For me, the morning sickness that lasts well into the second trimester! Also the need to pee every five minutes... :rolleyes: Annoying, but reassuring!

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the braxton hicks and the belly Lol Honestly I feel pretty not pregnant for the most part right now. I'm finally not so exhausted, I usually don't feel sick, no major symptoms. Even the belly I don't notice regularly except when I go to get dressed and the braxton hicks aren't often at this point, less than a handful of times a day. Hoping baby starts with more regular movement pretty soon, it wouldn't be worrying me as much if I hadn't felt ds so early and so well I guess.

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My sense of smell is out of control- 99% of things stink to me and a good percent of those smells make me want to vomit. My belly popped out over the last week. I get an awful side cramp in the evening. Most of the tome in addition to the cramp my stomach feels so full I think its gonna explode. My siatic nerve has been bothering me this last week. Um....I think that's it.

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-having to pee more often than my 3 year old (seriously, when she wakes up in the middle of the night and calls for me to help her go potty, my first thought is "thank goodness, I don't know if I could have held it any longer!" since I hate dragging myself out of that comfy spot in bed)

-random waves of nausea

-the occasional sneeze piddle

-crazy discharge- if I didn't have the BFP 3 months ago I would think I was about to ovulate all the time

-mood swings/irritability

-tender gums

Man, we make pgcy sound so appealing, don't we?

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"indianajones" wrote:

Man, we make pgcy sound so appealing, don't we?


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-peeing every 20 minutes

-sneezing and piddle Sad

- discharge

-stretchy and heavy uterus

-the aches i feel every time i get up/sit down on my chair/couch.

-mood swings

-constipation (TMI)

-and my current gripe, which i have right now, heartburn

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For me, it's the ever growing belly.

constant need to pee


sore sore nipples

And the best thing, MOVEMENT!!!

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I have just started feeling little kicks here and there so that is really telling me I'm pregnant for now, but the main things have been:

The fact that I'm still getting nauseous and some days even throwing up

My giant belly

Having to pee up to 4 times a night

The sciatica that just keeps getting worse

I have always been one of those women that hates being pregnant though so I tend to pick out all the things I dislike. My husband says I'm totally irrational right now as well. He tries his hardest to talk me down but sometimes I just have to cry it out Sad

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I have been feeling movement, but this time I have so many symptoms compared to last time:
-my growing belly
-the constant peeing
-the exhaustion
-the horrible reflux
-my ridiculous sense of smell
-my crazy appetite, cravings, and food aversions
-my super heightened sense of smell
-the horrible sciatica that never goes away
-I'm hot all the time
-my boobs are huge and they still hurt and tingle at times
-the waves of nausea that still hit me occasionally
-the bloating
-the gagging when brushing my teeth
-I can hear my hb in my ears...I had the same weird problem last time too
-the cat who is super clingy and attached to me right now

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PP have pretty much named them all, but for me it's:
-random waves of pukiness (this morning was BAD)
-round ligament pain
-so tired! I can barely make it to 9:00
-belly is slowly but steadily growing

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Nosebleeds and RLP!