How was everyone's holidays?

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How was everyone's holidays?

Sorry I have not been posting. We've been very busy this last month and we've been at my parents' house the last week and their wireless is in and out and I can no longer post from my phone.

How was everyone's holidays? Have any pics to share?

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We had a wonderful holiday! It was calm and full of time with family! Both of our families are in town so we were able to see everybody.

DH lost his job two weeks before Christmas so it was really great having him home! He wouldn't have had any time off otherwise.

Here are a few pics:

My Parents neighborhood's Christmas party (Kyla with my Dad and Hayleigh with DH)

Kyla chilling'

The girls just before Christmas Eve service

Kyla's stocking

The girls snuggling in Mom and Dads bed

I am embarassed to say that I was a little neglectful with taking pictures

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Ours was good Everyone came to us so we didn't have to do any traveling. We didn't have any snow though which made it feel less like Christmas. All three kids got spoiled by "Santa" as did Mom and Dad. This Christmas was much better then last year...I had to work last year:( as for new years I made it to midnight for the first timein 3 yrs! Dh even feel asleep. I think the fact the babies feed at one was the only reason I was able to stay up. Dh actually got a few days off too which was a gift in itself! Help I love it!

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I was not very good at taking pictures, either. Lol

The kids and I went to MIL's the 19th, Great Gramma's 93rd birthday was the 20th (she lives with MIL) and we stayed there until the 28th when we returned because I had a UTI.

Christmas was chaotic (as usual)... 14 people in a 12 ft living room gets a little cramped. Then cause DH's Cousin had her first baby in July, the presents took up half the room! LOL

The kids had fun, and I got my usual settlement money (his family never knows what to buy me, so I always get cash and checks and walk away with about $300 each time). DH tried to take my money away and buy winter tires for my van with it, but I protested and got my way. I ordered a mini laptop for me (I've been using "his" laptop for years, it will be nice to have my own).

New years, we watched the Big Bang on TBS and I planned ahead for Evie and had two shots of tequila and a wine cooler. DH didn't get drunk so we had someone fully capable of giving Evie a bottle when necessary. We didn't go anywhere and we didn't have anyone over and we put the boys to bed as usual. I fell asleep around 11 (the alchihol made me drowsy) but DH woke me at midnight for his new year's kiss.

DH and I started a HALO marathon a couple of weeks ago (only playing for a few hours at a time on the weekends cause it's not appropriate for our kids --our 7 year old is VERY sensitive) and now my right hand has carpul tunnel type pain. ROFL

Anyway.. Evie calls. Smile

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We had a nice time. Chris got two weeks off from work. Right before Christmas we went to see Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3. Brandon absolutely loved it. We spent Christmas at home with my parents who came to visit. Santa brought Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and then we opened up presents on Christmas Day. Brandon got horribly spoiled by everyone, even my husband who is the most frugal man on the planet...he went crazy at TRU. The day after Christmas we went to see my in-laws and then we left for my parent's house where we've been for the last ten days or so. We had another Christmas with my family and then we've been doing lots of family things. For New Years, we had a pajama party at a family friend's house. Chris had to go back to LA on Tuesday for work, but we are here until Sunday since my nephew's birthday party is Saturday and Brandon is out of school until Monday. I'll have to upload pictures when I get home.

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It was pretty awesome. I went home to my folks house for Christmas, and got to see alot of my more distant relatives that I haven't seen in years. Of course that was a bit bittersweet, as they have clearly aged and for many of them, that very well may be the last time I see them Sad I'm so glad I made the effort to see them all though. After Christmas, I flew out to DH's parents and spent New Years there and had a second Christmas lol! It was alot of fun, Jacob had really started to respond during the trip as well. He recognized the grandparents on both sides and gave them lots of smiles and giggles. I got my first real laugh on Christmas day, and got many more the whole time I was at my in-laws. I'm glad to be home now, 2 weeks away is too long, glad to be back in my own bed, with my baby that sleeps so much better at home! LOL

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We stayed home. It was okay... the weather was too warm so it didn't feel very Christmasy... And we didn't have any family in town for the holiday, so holidays just don't seem complete without visitors in the house. But, the kids had a great time! We did lots of family stuff like making cookies, going to look at lights twice, making ornaments and hand/footprint keepsakes, reading lots of Christmas books. Our kids didn't get spoiled. Our families tend to be pretty frugal with gifts... Sometimes, I just really wish they would do something out of character and spoil the kids. We went to DH's coworkers' hosue for Christmas dinner. It was nice. For NYE, I had a friend and her two boys come for a quick two night visit. It was crazy, but fun. Her boys are loud and busy all the time. I think DH's family is planning on coming our way next Christmas. Should be a nice/big event! Smile

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We had a magical Xmas we started our family traditions just the four of us then had Xmas with my dad boxing day and then on the 28th with my mom. I wil post pictures soon glad u all had a nice xmas