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how much movement

Question....I'm 29 weeks, how much movement & kicks should I be feeling? I'm still feeling him move everyday, more of a rolling around feeling. He hasn't given me any really strong.kicks etc in the last few days. Since he's still moving around I'm not completely concerned but since.this is my first I'm not sure how active he should be at this point. Is he getting to big to really kick now?

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At this stage they do start getting big and the room they have obviously starts to get less and less. As they get closer to delivery time their movements do tend to slow down a bit, which is completely normal. If you go a few hours without feeling anything, try laying on your left side, or eat/drink something sweet, orange juice is the thing typically recommended. Doing those things seems to wake them up and they start moving all over. If after trying those things still nothing, then you could be a bit concerned. But a few movements an hour as time gets closer is normal and you shouldn't be too worried.

Last year when I went in to be checked and ultimately have Hailey, they were surprised she was so 'quiet' in there, one movement here, one movement there. Everything was showing normal and good on the machines, so they weren't too worried.

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I think position of the baby makes a huge difference. With my first, I only had light movements with strong movement 1-2x a day. With this one I get strong movements that really jolt me 5-10x/hour.

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I agree.

I feel my lil guy move mostly when I am laying down or laying on my side, especially at night. Smile

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This little one of mine is pretty active. If *I'm* being active he's fairly quiet, but the minute I sit down he's all over the place - sometimes at night it makes it hard to fall asleep. However I have had several very quiet babies, my last one I had to make it a point to lay down each day so I could count kicks just to make sure he was okay in there. Funny thing is he is now my MOST active child out of all 6.

As long as your feeling movement, I'd say he's doing well Smile

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My little guy is like Julia's. When I'm up and moving around he tends to be very quiet but once I sit or lay down he's super active. Also, your LO may be super active when you're sleeping. Whenever I lay down at night he starts going to town and recently I've been waking in the middle of the night and I've found that he's moving around a lot at that time.

Are you doing kick counts (I think they tell you to start at 28 weeks)? If those are ok then he's probably fine. You're feeling movement so I think it's ok, it may just not feel that strong because of his position.

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I don't get a ton or movement and didn't with my last pregnancy either.

The entire time my mom was pregnant with me (a week overdue), she never felt me one time. And there's nothing [much] wrong with me. Wink Just something to think about...

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I think DS1 beats this LO as most active but he's still pretty active, like Julia when I'm moving around he's usually pretty quiet (though I'm starting to get some good jabs even when I'm moving around) but when I lay/sit down he's always moving...though sometimes it's just little movements, sometimes it's big kicks and sometimes it's big rolls. He doesn't change position often but he's definitely moving enough to do 'kick counts' and if I sit down I usually get the 10 pretty quickly

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The kickcount guidline that the dr told me is that you should feel 10 movements in 2 hours (maximum time) after the start of the 3rd trimester.
Whenever I sat down to do a count when I was pregant with ds i would get 10 rather quickly but wouldn't have noticed them if I wasn't sitting down!

Try going here It's a great chart you can use to keep count.

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Oh yeah I only do kick counts after I'm sitting down, and it's best to do them after a meal or something because baby is usually really active about forty-five minutes or an hour after a good meal.

You have those apps you had mentioned and I'm pretty sure you said they have kick counts. I've been doing kick counts for a few weeks on my app (I think we must have different phones because I couldn't find the ones you mentioned in the App store for my iphone) and it's super convenient.

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Kesler is only active during nite or after i eat lol!! go figure as soon as im ready to sleep he is up kicking up a storm Wink but i agree with the ladies aslong as you can feel him moving he should be ok!!!!!!