how would you spell?

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how would you spell?

So I think we are close on a name, we have been back and forth between Henry and Lachlan, and I think we are settling on Lauchlin. Now, here is the catch, how do we spell it, there are many possibilities, but which do you think is the most 'normal'? Lauchlan, Lachlan, Lauchlin, Lachlin, etc. thoughts?

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I like Lachlan

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Lachlan. It's the most traditional irish spelling and IMO spelling it any other way is going to be a PITA for him growing up. Simply because people will STILL screw up spelling it the traditional way.

Then again, I am a Catherine and I have been Cathy, katy, Katherine, etc and I HATE having my name spelled wrong.

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I agree, Lachlan. Smile

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Lachlan is the spelling that kind of jumps out at me, so I'd probably go with that

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I like Lachlan personally

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I agree- I like Lachlan the best.

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Lachlan Smile

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Lachlan seems the most right to me but be prepared that people will still spell it wrong most of the time anyway.

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Well that was easy Smile I looked at our provincial names list from last year and there were 15 Lachlans and 12 Lochlans. They were the two most popular ways of spelling it.

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how is it pronounced? is it like "lock-lan"? or different if so i like lachlan too