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Howdy ladies

I am so sorry for being MIA for SOOOOO long!! I have had it rough. My DH has been out of state for weeks with work. I don't do well as a single mother these days! The girls have been keeping me super busy and exhausted.

I cannot believe how sore and achey I have been with this entire pregnancy!! Everyone tells me I am carrying him VERY low. This might be the reason for the soreness down below??

I passed my 1 hour glucose screening--yay for that! Although, my hemoglobin was a little on the low end at 11.5

I am not sure what that means. I will ask the OB at next visit. Is that my iron??

I hope all of you are doing well. I will check in again soon when I have more time to be on the computer!

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It sounds like things have been crazy for you. Chris used to travel a lot for work and it was very hard with just one to take care of so I imagine it's even harder when you have two. I'm glad you passed your glucose test. I am carrying baby super low too and I have been so much more achy this time around. I am sure how I feel has something to do with baby's position. Thanks for checking in.

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Long time no see! Glad that all is well in your world, just a little crazy!
Congrats on passing your GD test! Hope you can pop in again soon!

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Oh man, I would rip my hair out at this point if DH were gone for weeks. I hope things calm down for you soon so you can take start taking it easy.

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Hey there!!! Hope you can come around more. Yay for passing your GD test.

To answer your question, yes hemoglobin is your iron. It's not too low though. I would just make sure you are taking your PNV and eating foods high in iron.

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Glad to hear that everything is going well. I agree, no way I would be managing if DH was gone for an extended period of time right now!

Your hemoglobin are your red blood cells. If you have low hemoglobin is it called anemia (as in you're anemic). Iron supports their development, so when your hemoglobin is low they will often recommend an iron supplement to help you sustain the ones you have and make more.

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Good to hear from you- hope you get a chance to post more soon! I don't know how you're keeping up with everything with your husband gone for so long! Mine is only out of town for a few days and I'm already counting down until the business trips are done!

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Good to hear from you Smile glad everything is going alright with you. ) Woot woot on passing your GD test. Yahoo

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Thanks girls, for welcoming me back!!

So, anemia question again: Is that common in pregnancy? Or, should I be concerned? I don't remember that with my two girls. I have been VERY bad at taking my prenatal regularly so perhaps that is a contributing factor?? I don't want to google it because it may freak me out....

I am going absolutely insane with not having Dh around. Yes, he has a job and I am thankful that I am able to stay home with the girls because of it, but oh goodness it has been a looooooooooong 2 weeks now. I am so overwhelmed with keeping up with the house, caring for the girls and two dogs on top of it! I think when he gets back I am going to research prenatal massages and go get one somewhere. I am so achey and sore in my groin region. I need a little time away from everything, too!

I hope all of you are doing well.

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Anemia is very common in pregnancy. I have had it with all my pregnancies and they just put me on an iron supplement.