I am finished!!!

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I am finished!!!

I have everything on my "list" done. I actually never made a list but the running tally of things I had done in my head is done.

We are able to get a few extra things done around the house as well. We are having 2 trees taken down tomorrow and hopefully having the corner of our backyard which is overrun with trees and weeds graded and gravel laid!

I also have only 2 weeks left of work!!! Well less than that actually because today is Tuesday!!!

Happy dance!!!

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Wow! Do you want to come to my house and help me get stuff done? Wink

That is awesome that you've made so much progress, and yay for your maternity leave starting!

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Congrats. I am working up until I deliver. Enjoy your Mat leave.

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Good for you!!!!! I still have quite a bit to do, but it will eventually get done!

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I'm completely jealous I feel like I have nothing done...but yeah for maternity leave

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Yay! How nice that the first weeks of your leave won;t be filled with chores and errands!!

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we just have small stuff left, that i can think of! So glad you are gonna have some time to rest a bit. That is exciting! im working up to the end, but after the day im having, im ready to just quit!

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Erin, Im guna come to alberta and steal u and bring u back to bc so you can light a fire under my a$$ Wink I have a list that i look at daily and still not done!!!! :rolleyes:
I say illl get it done and then i find a excuse to nap.. LOL
YAY for mat leave!!!!

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Yay!! I'm jealous, I still feel like I have an overwhelming amount to do and I'm less than 2 weeks away from where I was when I had my oldest! Talk about scary Lol

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That's awesome!!!