I bought....

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I bought....

a sleeper and 2 rompers for the baby today. They are soooo cute!! I feel so great now that I bought something that I can actually look at. Here's a pic. Sorry it's big!

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Cute!!! I loved rompers on my boys Smile so adorable!!

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So cute!! I love rompers too - although it'll probably be too cold here in October to wear them Sad

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Sooo cute!

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Those are adorable!

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Those are adorable...I can't wait until I know the gender and I can start buying stuff.

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I really want to buy more but I'll have at least 2 showers so I don't need to buy much. It was good to buy something though. I'm going to buy some other stuff here and there though. Like diapers and wipes. Now, I need to start getting the room together so I can start decorating.

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