I can FEEL the baby breathing!!

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I can FEEL the baby breathing!!

This is the strangest feeling!! This LO is so compressed against the top of my stomach, I can actually feel him practice breathing! He has the hiccups too, but this is different.

I never felt this with DS, I had no idea you could feel that (and see it too!)

Oh the craziness of pregnancy. Does it ever stop?? Smile (until delivery of course, but then there's a whole new crazy!)

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That is weird. Carter gets the hiccups a couple times a day it seems like. This morning my whole belly was moving with him.

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Thats so strange, I've never felt that before. I also haven't felt them with the hiccups and I thougth with twins I would be feeling that all the time.

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Crazy! I don't *think* I've ever felt/seen breathing but I can definitely see his hiccups now

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hmm..breathing with no air?? Wink lol well whatever ya felt, sounds cool! Smile

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That's neat. I never felt practice breathing with Brandon. This little guy has a ton of hiccups though just like Brandon.

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Cool. I can feel kesler hiccuping but can't see it yet tho Sad