I did it...

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I did it...

I called a nearby OB office and made a consult to talk to a midwife on Thursday to see about switching my care to them! If you all don't remember, the female OB I had been seeing left the practice I've been going to at the end of April... without telling me or anything. I've had 2 appts. since then with male OBs, as there are only 4 male OBs in all there at the practice and I was uncomfortable with both of the male OBs that I have seen for they are older, like my dad's age and I just can't see having them down there during delivery, yet alone feeling comfortable to ask them personal questions. The new office has 2 female midwives, 3 female OBs and 2 male OBs. And I was told I can make all appts with the females if I want. I think I will be much comfortable with these odds of deliverying with a female! And the office is closer to my house as well. Smile So, I hope the consult goes well Thursday.

Can you all help me brainstorm some questions to ask on Thursday? What would you want to know if you were switching care in the middle of a pregnancy?

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I hope the new OB office works out for you.

I would ask about:
-who will be delivering you (i.e. will it be someone on call)
-what kind of monitoring they do as the birth nears
-their views on induction, c-section, drugs, natural childbirth, etc. (whichever issues matter most to you).

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I hope it works out! It definitely sounds like a better option for you!

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Looks like the hospital they deliver at is about 1/2 hour from the house. Which would be much better than the 45 min.-hour drive to the other place I was considering. And the babies can room in with the mothers the whole time! They have two delivery suites that have jacuzzi tubs as well and will bring in a squatting bar if you want. Definitely seems more natural birth friendly than the closer hospital I would have to go to if I stayed with my current OB office.

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that's awesome! glad you will feel more at ease with the new office and it sounds all around better.

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That's awesome! Hope the consults goes well. KUP!

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That is great news! I am glad a solution may be in the works!

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That's great news! I switched from an ob to a midwife at the end of the 1st trimester (when we moved) and I was SHOCKED how different the appointments are. We sit and talk for 20 minutes, then do b/p, hb, etc. My previous OB had to look at my chart for my name (WHILE IN THE ROOM!) I'm so glad I switched, and I hope you have a wonderful experience too!