I found this funny so I'd thought I'd share...

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I found this funny so I'd thought I'd share...

So I'm a FTM-to-be and we had our nuchal scan on Monday the 28th and our 3rd prenatal appointment on the 29th.

My mw still did not have the results from the nuchal scan when we went on the 29th and said she'd call IF there were any issues.

Then she checked for the heartbeat with the doppler. She had not been able to find it until then and when she hears it she says, "Oh, it sounds like a boy!" LOL That cracked me up so much. It's so strange throughout this pregnancy, anyone who we've told who has ventured out a guess has NEVER said it's going to be a girl. NO ONE.

We find out officially on May 9th but I thought it was so cute that she'd say that. Is it even possible to tell the gender from the heartbeat? What a riot!

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Thats funny! Watch it be a girl and fool everyone!
I can't wait to start seeing some gender results! EXCITING!!!!

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There are always old wives taled about the speed of the HB and the sex. I was told girl but I am feeling boy! You can find them on the internet!

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they say faster hb='s girl, slower/boy... IF that is true, I'm getting my girl this time!

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That's funny. They do say a faster hb=girl (slower hb=boy), but I've seen enough people that defy those odds to trust that too much.

With Brandon, everyone thought boy. I never, for one moment thought girl. This time around I'm thinking boy but I don't have that strong feeling I had the first time. My mom is sure it's a girl and her guesses are rarely wrong so we'll see.

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My friend's OB's nurse has something like a 90% success rate for guessing genders for a baby.... sounds like a horse galloping for a boy and sounds like a washing machine agitating for a girl. Smile