I Made It!! 36 Weeks!!!

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I Made It!! 36 Weeks!!!

So as you all know for a while it looked like I might not have made it this far, however today marks week 36, and baby girl is STILL in there :yahoo:. I'm celebrating by going to get my hair cut and rehighlighted, I've had this appt made for a whole month now and I was beginning to think I WASN"T gonna make it. My hair is in dire need of it, despite how nice it appears to be now. I'm just thrilled to be here at 36 weeks and I say it's fair game now. Now, I can deliver 45 mins away as opposed to 2 1/2, I just prefer IF she's gonna make an early entrance she waits till next week so she's term lol.

Funny, as soon as I posted my status on FB I got a rather strong contraction. Sheesh, hope she's not planning any funny business in there ROFL

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Congrats but I hope you keep that girl baking!

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Whoooo hooooo!!!! Hopefully she stays put. haircuts are super important!!!! She can come after. Think how cute you'll look for delivery.

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Yay!!! So close! Hopefully she stays put for a little bit longer.:)

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woo hoo!!!! Smile

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Yay, I'm glad you made it to 36 weeks.

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Thanks everyone :). It's funny, my hair dresser and I always joke that with my luck I'll go into labor while I"m sitting there getting the foils put in, so she says "well, I'll be the first hair dresser to accompany her client to the hospital to get the job done" LMAO could you imagine!? The dr's and nurses would be like "wtf's going on" :ROFL:. I've had some rather strong contractions today but nothing too close together or to make me consider cancelling. Bruce figures that it probably won't be long now till she's here, which is fine, just not today LOL.

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Awesome Smile

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Yay for 36 weeks! That's great!

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