I may not be feeling any movements yet, but I DO have a belly

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I may not be feeling any movements yet, but I DO have a belly

I felt HUGE today, and I decided to take a belly pic. I FEEL big, but I know I am tiny in comparisson. Well, at least everyone TELLS me I am tiny or they cant tell i am pregnant. (I never got terribly huge with DD1 or the twins)

Anyway here it is:

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Awww what a cute belly!

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That's a super cute belly!!!

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CUTE! Biggrin

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I'll tell you again! Lookin good lady!

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Adorable! I definately see baby belly!

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You look so cute!

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Aww, you look great!!!!

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Definitely a cute baby bump! Love it!

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You look adorable! Baby bellies are so cute.

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It's a cute baby bump...just perfect

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Thanks ladies. I was thinking I should post pics of how big i was with DD1 at 16 weeks for comparison. I THINK i have one of me at 16 weeks with the twins?????? No joke people asked me if I was SURE I was having twins. No, no people, I'm just joking, i want all the attention and figure this is the best way to get it (insert ginormous eyeroll here)