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Thread: I need to vent

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    Default I need to vent

    I feel awful. I can't breathe, I feel like my limbs are going into atrophy, I'm exhausted, I hurt from the hips down. I woke up all night either feeling pain or unable to breathe b/c I was laying on my back. I'm tired of being asked if I'm ok. Dh keeps saying I look like I'm going to have a baby. DD is having issues, I think she knows the baby is coming soon.

    I am irrationally angry at mil. She is my main resource for a babysitter and she went and got herself covered in poison ivy and something else, so she can't watch dd. If she hadn't have gotten poison ivy I could bring dd by and get some rest b/c I seem to get better rest during the day lately, or at least it gets me through the day. She also keeps talking about how she HAS to finish the dress she is making for the the baby to come home in but she can't b/c she is covered in poison ivy. She made dd's coming home dress as well.

    At this point in my pregnancy with dd, I was gloriously on bedrest with nothing to do but read, watch tv and play on the computer. I miss that.

    Thank you for listening. I know you all are going through the same thing which helps.
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    I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky.

    It's been a rough few weeks for me too. I've had two infections and a cold and the baby must be laying his head right on my bladder because walking around for a few minutes puts so much pressure on my bladder that I immediately have to go to the bathroom. Walking is just downright painful these days. I can only tolerate one outing at the most right now (and I usually have to pee twice while we're there) and I feel so bad for Brandon that I'm so uncomfortable that I can't do more with him. I'm grateful he is starting school soon so he won't be so bored.
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    Vent away. I'm dealing with similar with my mom (our sitter). Her wacked out schedule with all these things that she doesn't NEED to do, in fact, she's even paying money to do these things.... ugh. My birthday weekend she left town to do this "dance" conference thingy. She came back with a blister on her pinky toe. After a few days the blister popped, but wasn't healing and then my aunt ran the toe over with her walker on Saturday and my mom thought she broke it... So she went to walk in on Sunday when the swelling didn't go down and she ended up in pain. The doc gave her antibiotics said it looked more like a staph infection than a break.

    So all day Monday she's in a lot of pain and asking me if I had anything she could take cause the doc only gave her antibiotics (no, my mom is NOT a druggy, but I got offended... why would I have such pain mends?!). So Monday night the swelling was spreading again and she felt like her toe (and now parts of her foot) were on fire, so after tracking down some heavy duty pain meds from a friend and the pain not going away, she went to the ER just after midnight.

    They called it a really bad infection and drained and lanced it and gave her a legal prescription for pain meds. So on her day off (she doesn't work Tue/Thu, but ALWAYS has something going on) I stand NO chance at getting a little respite cause she's unable to walk and on drugs.

    All cause of something that she didn't NEED to be doing on a weekend that I would have LOVED to have her here to help with the kids for (my birthday).

    What's with these ladies and their inability to have their priorities straight.

    Sadly I don't feel one bit of sympathy for my mom's pain right now.
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    Keep venting girl! I find it harder to take care of myself with a LO around!

    I hope you feel better!
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    Vent away, ladies! I'd much rather come here and vent than be impatient with DS or DH!
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    I have also found myself thinking longingly of bedrest a few times! Just the chance to rest, uninterrupted, would be beyond wonderful. Instead, I'm getting up with DD at 2:45am because she had a bad dream, or trying to come up with activities to do with her when she decides to skip her nap, etc. My parents live 1000 miles away, and I keep wishing they were closer. They are actually getting ready to move down here, but that's not soon enough to help me now!

    The end of pregnancy is just plain hard. Hard physically, hard emotionally, hard all around. I hope you get a chance to get some rest, and that you feel better!
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    Vent away we are here for you!!
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