I think the baby dropped

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I think the baby dropped

Okay, SOMETHING definitely happened today. I'm pretty sure the little guy decided to drop. I looked at my belly in the mirror this morning and was thinking that he was up pretty high (also the foot in my ribs was a good indication).

After that, I took DD out to the barn to see my horse, and we spent a few hours out there. Towards the end of the time I noticed I was having some discomfort, but what else is new? I didn't pay much attention.

I got home and DH was already home (he worked in the office this morning, and then from home this afternoon) and I was SO happy he was, because when I got out of the car I could barely walk, and DD had fallen asleep and needed to be carried in!

So I changed out of my barn clothes and was looking in the mirror and noticed a significant difference- the belly was definitely lower. I asked DH what he thought and he agreed that it was a pretty obvious difference. So all afternoon/evening I have been remembering how uncomfortable this is! DD dropped between 36 and 37 weeks, and wasn't born until 41, so this is a familiar uncomfortable feeling ;-). I am dying here- the only two positions that are bearable are sitting on my birth ball, and lying on my side. I can't even stand sitting on the couch! But, I'm happy that at least he's doing something he should be doing, and it makes me feel like maybe I won't be pregnant forever! One other thing that made me pretty sure he'd dropped- he had the hiccups, and I felt them in a very different place... right on top of my bladder! Weird!!!

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I hope that's a good sign for you! First babies can drop early but subsequent babies aren't supposed to drop until much closer to labor Biggrin

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I'm thinking these guys have dropped as well. Hopefully this means things are happening and it won't be long until hes here Smile

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woohoo! maybe he will be here very soon Smile

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Yay! That's a good sign that he's dropped. He may come right on time. Wink

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I am definitely a lot more comfortable today! There's no little foot in my ribs, for one thing. My ligaments/muscles seem to have made the adjustment, so I don't feel like I'm going to die like I did yesterday ;-). I'm kind of sore down there, but not too bad. It's nice to not feel like all of my internal organs are completely squished! That would be wonderful if he decided not to be too late. One week from today or tomorrow would be PERFECT! Hopefully that's what he's gearing up for!

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"heatherliz2002" wrote:

One week from today or tomorrow would be PERFECT!

That is my 'perfect world' baby day too! The 1st or 2nd would be fabulous!!

Glad to hear that you are more comfortable today.

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Yay! Hopefully you won't be pregnant much longer!

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Wow, exciting stuff! Smile Getting closer!