I think I'm finally in labor!

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I think I'm finally in labor!

Well, an October baby it definitely is! lol

I've been having strong contractions with no pattern for days that never amounted to anything. Last evening I had quite a few even stronger with still no pattern. Nothing that kept me awake, but every time I was awake anyway, I'd have some with 10 minutes being the closest together.

I'm struggling to sit/lay down/ etc. but can walk just fine and am doing last minute things that need to get done, mostly just to keep me busy. My hips hurt, I have tons of pressure/strong discomfort and my head hurts like crazy! Also lost some mucous plug this morning. Still contracting but no patterns yet.
My parents are around, my MIL is going to call later this morning to see if she needs to come down and get Jonathan yet, and I encouraged my husband to still go to church even though I can't make it - so he'll be home in half an hour. We'll call the midwife then and let her know we're in beginning stages, then keep in contact with her.

I'll keep posting as I can! Wink

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Here's hoping it's the real deal!!

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Yay!!! ELV! Hope it picks up soon and everything goes smoothly! Can't wait to see what our last (you are our last right?) little surprise is!

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YAY!! So excited to see this post from you!

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Yay! ELV's!

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ELV's!!! Can't wait for updates

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I hope this is it for you!!! ELV'S!!!

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Yay i hope this is it for you

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Good luck! I can't wait to read a birth story!!

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Good luck! I hope that this is it and that it's quick and easy!

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just now seeing this and hoping you're holding your little one now!

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Hope all is going well

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Any new news?

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Hope you are doing well!