I think it's going to be a long summer...

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I think it's going to be a long summer...

With both of my other pregnancies, I got preggo early summer and was big during the winter. It made perfect sense... the time of year when you sit around snuggled down in blankets, reading books, eating soup, drinking hot chocolate... hiding from the cold rain and snow.
This time around, it's the complete opposite. I think it's going to be a long summer for me. The weather has finally turned nice here, warm and sunshiney... I just wanna go for a long run with my two in the jogging stroller like I did almost every weekday last summer. I want to take them for bicycle rides, pulling the double trailer behind my bike. I want to play vigorously at the parks... tag and ball and stuff. I want to go camping and hiking... All things that I feel I cannot do this summer. Sad I think this summer is going to be really long for me... Anyone else feel the same way?

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I was just talking about this the other day. Not because I like going outside though. But, it's been hot here and I'm freezing DS and DH out in the house. I already stay hot then add the heat from outside. I wake up drenched in sweat at night. Plus, I've gotten so big so fast that I'm just uncomfortable already and alot of walking wears me out. Hope it goes by fast for you.

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Yep! I had so many fun plans for this summer and half of them I can't do anymore. I'm still determined to do the park and beach and all that fun stuff with the kids but I know as August gets closer I'll probably be able to do less and less and that's if everything goes fine until that point.

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I was preggo the same time of year with Brooklynn and with the exception of bike riding I pretty much did all the things I wanted, just at a slower pace!!! The heat made thing tough at times, but we just went out when i was a little cooler...stayed up a little later so we could play and take walks. Being super preggo in the summer is tough, but I bet you find that you can do more than you think you will be able to do! I also am freezing the family out already Smile

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YES! When I was planning on 1 baby I was not worried too much with it impacting my summer plans, but twins has put a totally different curve on things. We had planned a beach trip in August, had to cancel and moved to June. I swell REALLY bad! doesn't matter if it summer or winter whenever I am pregnant I swell. I am so scared of how badly I might swell this time and honestly I dont know that it can be much worse then the previous pregnancies, but I guess we will see. I wanted to take the kids to the zoo, but I am already starting to slow down so I dont see that happening either :confused:

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It's just starting to get nice here, too. I had the urge to go for a jog this evening... but I can barely walk without my back or lungs hurting... Sad

I'm looking forward to a lazy summer. Lots of iced tea and wading pools in the yard with friends and family. I told my sister I'm gonna have an open door policy summer. If my van's in the drive come on over. Smile

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I was pregnant at the same time of year with DD, and I worked outside at the barn teaching riding lessons the whole summer, and rode my horse every day up until the day before I was induced. You'll still be able to do a lot, although you'll probably have to modify it some. But I get frustrated with that aspect of pregnancy no matter what time of year it is. I like to be active and I get annoyed when I can't do the things I usually do. Swimming is great, and pregnancy doesn't interfere with that too much.

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Someone mentioned this to me at church today. It is miserably hot here in the summer. I am praying we don't get the monsoon rains in august, then it is humid too. I am fully prepared to laze around in my a/c and do nothing. Going back to work in Aug. will be a bummer though. No avoiding the heat then. Good thing I will only have to work for about a month before I go out on leave.

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I think part of my frustration has been that this past week was just kind of an off week for me. I think baby must be growing and stretching my belly a lot right now as I just feel uncomfortable and think I even had some BH contractions a couple of days. But, I remember feeling this with the other for a week or a two in the middle and then feeling much better again, so I hope that's just it.

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I've been thinking about it for awhile. When I was pg with Brandon I was due in June but I gave birth to him in May. We were also living in West Los Angeles which is more coastal so it wasn't too hot. This time we're more in the valley and it gets ridiculously hot, like in the 100s. Last year in Sept. it hit 112 so I've been dreading the summer because I don't think I'll be leaving the house much.

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i too was pregnant my other two pregnancies mostly during winter. I am happy though to be pregnant during summer this time, because my other pregnancies, I was just BARELY pregnant during summer so in my swim suits i always looked chubby instead of pregnant. lol. on the other hand, i am envious of friends who this summer will be having BBQ's and sipping margaritas lol. I went to my sisters house the other day, and it was REALLY nice out, like a summer day, and they were having sangria and beer..lol I felt left out. lol

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Melissa... I have Feb. and Mar. babies as well... all three of our kids will share birth months, funny, eh?