I wasnt gunna say anything but...

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I wasnt gunna say anything but...

I am triing to brestfeed again, I am now off my pain killers (narcotics) and off the one bp med thatat was questionable. I know i wont be able to do it full time but I think any brestmilk he gets will benefit him. he still has his latch and will latch on but I have to give him a ounce or so to take the edge off then put him to the breast. I havent told Curtis so I mentioned to him i wanted to start again and he didnt seem supportive so i go to the bedroom to nurse soo he doesnt know and if it is sucessful then i will tell him. ( i think he is worried about me if thingss dont work how i would handle it with my ppd ) but i am looking at it if it onkly works for a couplle of weeks or so each bit of bm that he gets is a added bonus. anyways I thought i would share this with u ladies, He has now been back on the breast for a wk. Yahoo (plus I am starting to feel back to normal again i am 7 wks pp) Yahoo

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YAY!! Good luck!!!

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You are awesome for trying again and for having such a positive outlook whichever way it works out. Have patience - if he keeps sucking your milk will come back. Meanwhile, look into if fenugreek or blessed thistle can be taken with your meds. Also, oatmeal and root beer are known milk enhancers.

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Best of luck! I'm glad it's going well so far. You have an amazing attitude!

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yay! Good for you. Glad your are feeling better too

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Yahoo you can do it, momma! Yahoo

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That's awesome Jen, good luck!!!

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thanks everyone for your support!!!

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I hope everything is going well!