I will not say I'm bored again...

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I will not say I'm bored again...

because crazy things happened today.

DH's alarm didn't go off... we were awoken by DS 45 min. later than we should have been when he came into our room.

DD1 (2 1/2) managed to pull her dresser completely over after breakfast breaking a piece of the dresser and her lamp. I'm still is disbelief that she didn't get caught under it when it fell. God must have been watching over her!

I took DS to the drs this morning because he has been laying around for the past two days with a runny nose and breathing really shallow/rapidly. Turns out the dr thinks he has pneumonia and started him on antibiotics and let us borrow a nebulizer to give him breathing treatments tonight/tomorrow. We take him back for a check in the morning. So glad I had him checked out before weekend and we got this nipped in the bud before baby came.

So, yeah... I'm not going to say I'm bored again before little one arrives.

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Wow what a crazy day. I agree your DD is very lucky it didn't get pulled down on top of her. I hope your DS feels better soon. Brandon has a nebulizer at home and there have been some scary times. I hope the treatments help and he is back to his normal self in no time.

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DH is anchoring the dressers in the kids' rooms to the walls tomorrow!

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Oh wow I hope your DS recovers soon. Smile