I'm back w/ lots of changes

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I'm back w/ lots of changes

SO things have been really crazy and changed for me over the past month. In the last 4 weeks I took my Pharmacy Tech exam and got an interview in Kansas City Missouri at a hospital. I drove down a few days later for the interview (my mom lives in the KS area) had the interview on Tuesday, got offered the job on Friday. Went home a few days later and have packed up a whole house and moved in less then 2 weeks. (all by myself w/ Jayden of course) I put the house up for short sale and am hoping that it sells pretty quick so I can be out from under that. I am staying with my mom for the next 3 weeks till I can move into my apartment on Dec. 1. I start my new job Tomorrow!!!!!!! So kind of crazy.

As I have said in the past I did not like my teaching job and the fact that I had no family around in Ohio and was single with no one to help me helped make my decision. I was having so many issues with the house and flooding. I'm gonna miss my friends a lot but I had to think about Jayden 1st. It's gonna be a bit of a struggle cause I took one heck of a pay cut but in the long run him having a happy mommy or one that comes home mad and depressed everyday made my decision easy. Being in the same town as my mom will be great as well. She is going to help babysit and of course he can grow up with his grandparents.

As far as my "sperm donor" goes. He only recently sent me a text message demanding I text him back so he can see his son. Yeah I'll get right on that...I havent heard from him in 8 weeks and I'm supposed to jump, don't think so. He's has not even offered to give me a penny to help. And I came to find out that the girl he cheated on me with, they are now engaged. He has no clue I moved yet. I had talked to a lawyer in Ohio and she said he had no rights at all unless he took me to court. She said if I had the opportunity to move that would be best. SO I did! I am hoping to talk to a lawyer here in the next week or two just to have one on hand in case he tries something. He is still not working and this new girl is supporting him, shes a waitress. I'm not to worried, he doesnt want to pay child support or anything so I think once he learns he isnt going to have his cake and eat it too, he'll just leave us alone.

Jayden is doing very well. He was 8 1/2 lbs at his 2 month appointment. He's still small but mighty. Doc said he would eventually catch up in height and weight but he's incredibly healthy and smart so thats all that matters. I feel really blessed cause he is such a good baby. He hardly cries and is happy most of the time as long as he is full and being cuddled. He loves his swing and has even started to sleep in the packin play for naps. He's smiling and laughing now just loves people. I'll have to post some pics later.

I just wanted to hop back in and say hi and that my life has totally changed for the better. I look forward to being back on here and getting settled down in my new life.

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I was wondering where you went, but with that much change I don't blame you for diasppearing for a while! I'm glad things are falling into place for you and that you no longer have to deal with those awful parents. I'd love to see pics of Jayden, especially with smiles. Smile

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Cheryl, I am glad to hear you guys are doing well! I hope this move is the fresh start you need to make a happy life for you and Jayden. I agree that a happy and healthy mummy is whats important to Jayden, and in the long run its his father who is missing out by not knowing this precious child. Good luck on your first day tomorrow!

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Cheryl, I have been thinking about you.
Glad all is going well!!
cant wait to see pics of Jayden!

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Glad to hear things are going well for you. I hope this move will be a fresh start for you.

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Good luck with your new job and your fresh start!

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:goodluck: Glad you are still around. Smile

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Congrats on the new job and I'm so glad to hear you are happy, You deserve it. And YAY for Jayden and doing so well Smile

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Cheryl, I am so glad that you have this exciting news to share! Good luck with all the changes- sounds like things are looking up :-). Can't wait to see pics of Jayden!

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Love the new picture of Jayden! I saw it in another thread and had to come post, he's adorable, what a smile Smile