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im home

Well ladies that was an exciting 4 days. I want thank Katie she was wonderful keeping me entertained & you guys updated. So here's what happened. As u know I was put on magnesium and now procardia. Neither one has stopped my contractions just slowed them down. The doc just wants me to make it till next Wednesday when ill be 34 weeks. He said at this point nothing they do is going to stop the contractions so since he has had the steroids now they will just try to keep him in as long as possible knowing that ill probably deliver in the next few weeks. Of course I'm on bedrest but since I live alone they said normal routine, shower, eat, take care of dogs,.etc. nothing else. So I have accepted that I'm not going to have the baby room or anything done. So be it his health is more important. He's staying in my room for a few months anyway so it doesn't matter. My aunt is giving me a bassinet for my babyshower so that will be good.

So here's the fun part of the story. I was supposed to be sent home yesterday. It was written on my orders. Apparently I had a nurse who thought she knew better then my doc. I kept asking when they were going to check me & send me home like my doc had said the day before. She said they wanted to watch me longer since I was still contractioning. Well @6 pm I threw a fit she said she had paged the doc and they said they would be in soon, which they never showed. Reality was she never even contacted them. They thought I had gone home. My doc was pissed off this morning especially when I told.him everything. He is filing a report on her with the hospital, and I'm.going to as well. I am not being charged for my stay there yesterday at all.. so that's my drama story I'm.happy to be home & my dogs are happy I'm home.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and good wishes. They meant so much!

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Glad everything is ok and im really glad he is still in there baking away! Sorry about the jerky nurse, sounds like she is gonna get into some trouble! Im sorry about the nursery, that must be dissappointing, but you and LO's health is more important, like you said. do you have family to help you out with it? Well, enjoy resting and do me a favor and take a nap for Biggrin

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Cheryl, what a mess with the nurse. I am glad you are home, but I know how uncomfortable you have been. It was my pleasure "entertaining" you last night though. I soo need to send you my full blown 80's gear pic from tonight(From karaoke night, for those of you who are wondering)

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I'm so happy your home and your LO is still baking! As far as the hospital fiasco I'm glad they are not going to charge you. That's ridiculous!

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Good job keeping Jayden baking! We will be praying along with you that you can keep him in as long as possible!

I am glad the hospital was so understanding about yesterday's stay!

As for getting stuff done, you have a wonderful attitude! It will get done when it gets done!

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So glad he is still baking! Smile And like I said on your previous post, I had DS at 34 weeks and he was perfectly healthy so even if he's here next week, he should be just fine! I cannot believe that nurse lied to you! I'm glad your doctor is going to do something about it.

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I'm glad Jayden is still baking away in there! Hang in there- you are doing great! Sorry you won't get his room done, but like you said- there will be time for that after he's born!

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Glad to hear you are home and resting... and that baby Jayden is baking a bit longer. Just take it easy. Like you said, the other things can get done after Jayden is safely here. Hang in there girl. Do you have any work friends who would be willing to come over and help you out with the nursery or just doing laundry and dishes?

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Cheryl, I am so glad that you are finally home and the Jayden is still on the Try and rest as much as you can and we will continue the positive thoughts and prayers!

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So glad you are home resting now. Always more comfortable to be in your own surroundings. That really sucks about that nurse! Wow!! I'm glad it's going to be dealt with. All the best Cheryl!


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I am glad you and baby are ok! You're right, the room can wait til later. I wish some one was there with you to help you =/

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Thanks for letting us know you are okay. :bigarmhug:

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so glad you're home! i hope the contractions calm down. sounds like that nurse will get into trouble!

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I can't believe that nurse! So glad you are home and resting now. I wish we were all closer so we could come over and take care of you!

Hang in there mama! We're all here supporting you!

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I'm glad you're ok and home. Very surprised to hear about the nurse ignoring the doctor's orders. Hopefully baby will stay put until 34 weeks.

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Cheryl, I am glad your home from the hospital and lil man is able to keep baking, praying you make it too 34 wks or longer. :bigarmhug:

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Glad you are home! Hope you and baby are doing well. Update when you can!

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Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well, keep that baby baking as long as possible.

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How are you doing today?