I'm home!

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I'm home!

Yahoo They said I could be released at 4pm but of course it took a while after all the discharge stuff. I'm just happy to be home. Trying to take it easy but I guess really realizing that it's not going to be as easy as I expected! DH is helping but after 2 days away all the kids want is me, they are cranky and their routines are completely shot. They are all in bed so hopefully after a good nights sleep they'll be a little more back to normal in the morning. I'm really, really hoping and praying for 2 more weeks so anyone who is term is welcome to take all my labor vibes Blum 3 I just found out today when scheduling up my follow up next week that my midwife is on vacation next week kind of sad I don't get to see her before 36 weeks in the situation (and if I go into labor again before 36 weeks she can't deliver me anyways), plus I made a 'date' with 2 of my friends for a pedicure the night before I turn 36 weeks Smile
So, hopefully I can hold this little guy in a bit longer. Tonight I start my fatten up baby plan Lol it's brownies and cookies and cake to supplement my meals these last days of pregnancy Blum 3
Two good notes, it's 8pm so if I were to go into labor at any point now the steroids I got in the hospital have had time to take effect. And #2, I'm GBS- so if I make it to 36 weeks I don't need an IV! I'm calling my midwife tomorrow to check if she talked to the people at the hospital I want today. I asked her this morning if I go a day or two before 36 weeks if i can still deliver at my hospital of choice, especially considering he's had the steroids. So hopefully I'll get some more definite answers on that tomorrow. And of course it'd be nice if it really didn't matter anyways, the nurses kept joking this little guy was breaking the 'pattern', I've had 34, 35, and 36 weekers in that order, he was supposed to go to 37 weeks!

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And can I just say I'm *still* having side effects from the magnesium, that is some rough stuff! My lips, parts of my face and legs are still a little tingly and I'm still *so* lightheaded and groggy. Hopefully a night at home and sleep in my bed will help me get back to normal too!

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I'm so glad you were able to go home! I hope you get some rest and that you can keep that little guy baking awhile longer!!!

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Great update! So glad to hear this!

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Glad you are home. Hope you can manage to rest these next 2 weeks and not have to meet baby super early. Smile

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I'm so happy you made it home! Definately take it easy as possible and hopefully you can make it to 36 weeks. I saw the doc who admitted me when I went into labor early today he was shocked I was still pregnant. Told him I followed docs orders LOL. It took a few days for all the mag side effects to wear off for me but I'm sure w a good night sleep at home you'll feel much better tomorrow. Keep that LO baking.

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Glad your home. Sending prayers your way that you can keep LO baking a lil longer.

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Glad you are home. Rest up and drink lots of water to flush your system. You will be feeling better in no time.

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Thanks everyone Smile I am feeling a bit better this morning...except my contractions are back, they are every 5 minutes, so we'll see. The last few haven't felt stronger so we'll see. Just laying on the couch with a glass of water and seeing what happens. I'd love to be home more than 24 hours that's for sure!

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glad you are home Smile Hopefully you can get some good rest today.

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Welcome home! I hope those contrax settle down!