I'm Home!!

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I'm Home!!

This is a small update to say that Alyssa and I are now home. She's doing really well, she's such a quiet baby and sleeps like a dream. She was very mucusy, but I think she's got it all out now. She is Hailey's twin, omg, her weight, measurements, looks, and the small things she does is Hailey, Hailey Hailey. I can't believe it. As for me, well, I'm sore and it's a bit rough emotionally, but I'll get over it at some point. You all know how I felt about c-sections and how they scared the sh!t out of me and here I had no choice but to have one :(.

As my hubby posted in the thread that Lori posted, wait till you hear my story. You will all quite literally sit going :eek: and most probably say WTF!? Then, the end has a sad, but happy ending. Every pregnancy is a learning experience, and I don't care how many you have. This one was definately a learning experience. Babies and bodys sure work in strange ways when you least expect it.

I will try and post pics and my story tomorrow, dunno if I will get anything started tonight, but I'll try. Right now Im just relaxing waiting for her to wake up and eat. It's funny, we spent 2 hours doing everything we could think of last night when Bruce was visiting me and she still wouldn't wake up. We changed her diaper, opened her sleeper, washed her face, wiped down her chest, I even blew on her after she was wiped to get her slightly chilled and the little monkey wouldn't wake up lol. But, while we normally do feed on demand, after 5 hours or so we do tend to wake them up just so things don't go too far along.

Well, hope all is well. Congrats to everyone that's had babies while I was having my ordeal. I will do my best to catch up and respond to things over the next couple days Smile

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congrates Kristina!!!!!!!
Sorry you had to have a c section, praying you have a speedy recovery.
cant wait to read her birth story!!
and see pics!!!!!

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Welcome home!! Curious about the details, but glad to hear everyone is doing well. Take it easy and let your hubby and big kids take care of you Mama!

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Glad you are home. Rest up. Looking forward to more details.

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Welcome home! I too am curious how the birth went.

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Welcome home! I hope you start feeling better soon, looking forward to hearing your story!

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Welcome home!

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I'm glad that you're home. I'm sorry you ended up with a c-section and I know the recovery can be rough. Hang in there.

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I think its so much easier to recover at home! I hope your first night was a good one.

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First night was alright. Alyssa couldn't be a better baby in terms of sleep. She eats and then back to sleep she goes! Today I fed her on one side, and she let go and fell asleep for a couple hours, so I sat here and snoozed with her lol. She ate just after midnight last night and it was around 1 am that she went back to bed after being topped up with a bit of formula, and she wasn't up to eat till 630ish. She's like that all day long.

As for me, my back hurt like hell and I woke quite a bit, but I did get 'some' sleep. It would be alright if I could sorta lay on my side, but can't. My lower back has been terrible since DS2 was born, so laying on my back just sucks. Getting up was a challenge, had to get hubby to help give me a boost, don't have anything to help boost me up - hospital beds are terrible but they do have those lovely handles and buttons to help you out lol. Thank god I didn't have to wake up to pee a million times, hubby mighta clobbered me lol.

Will work on my story a little later. Right now I'm kinda relaxing, hubby made me go walking in the store today, so I'm a bit worn out, but that story from hell will be posted - eventually :lol:.