I'm home - For now!

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I'm home - For now!

First, thanks Lori for updating the girls. I actually would have updated you sooner but stupid me left my phone in the van and didn't realize it till it was almost time to be checked again lol.

Next, I did make it to heather's preschool graduation, phew! Thinking about how it was possible I might have missed it while in the hospital was kinda heartbreaking. I know she had her other graduation before, but she was excited to do it again and how daddy was gonna be home etc.

So, anyways, I called in and explained to them what was going on. I couldn't find much online and I drank almost a whole bottle of water, went pee, changed positions etc and yet they kept coming, roughly every 2-5 mins apart. At first they said maybe just go to the local hospital but when I mentioned I went in once before and basically got told to not go back and they were super rude, she said well, it's a bit of a drive for you...to which I said well if you feel I really should come in or maybe wait, I will make the drive if need be. So, we gathered up the kids, dropped them off at the inlaws and off we went.

Got there, got changed, peed in the bucket thing, and she checked my bp, and baby girl's hb. She's happy as can be, and everything for me was good, at least I assume so since she never said anything about it. Oh and ironically I had one of the nurses that I had last year when I was in with Hailey. She recognized me but couldn't fully remember lol.

Then, she checked me. I was actually VERY shocked to hear that I'm almost 3cms dilated and 50% effaced :eek:. Just 2 weeks ago when I went in, I was closed up and tighter than fort knox, and my cervix was almost 5cms long, so now it's about 2 or so. She went and called the Dr and he said to leave me there for observation for a few hours and then recheck me and see if there was any changes, and we'd go from there.

Well, hubby and I went for a walk around the halls, he got himself a drink "I insisted lol", and then went back and relaxed a bit. The nurse came in after a while and said that the Dr said that if there was no changes in dilation/effacement that it would be up to me. I could stay a few more hours, overnight or just come home. At this point, he's not going to break water etc, since I'm only 36 weeks. He'll deliver if he has to but he won't break the water etc till 37 weeks "I know that from last year lol".

So, since there was no change, we stayed for an extra hour or so, the nurse said she'd feel alot better if I stayed for a while longer, so we said ok. I tried to sleep, and rolled over to my left but that didn't help. I had pain in my side, the stronger contractions and I was just miserable. The couch in the room we were in was uncomfy and hubby had been up since 5 for work, and I know he wasn't comfy so I said to hell with it, we'll leave and if need be, we'll go back.

Got home just after 1:30am and went straight to bed. I did manage to sleep some, but was woken a couple times by contractions, and I was just not comfy at all. I have had some more contractions today, just not 2-5mins apart, but I have had quite a bit of pressure. I guess now since I've been progressing quite a bit it's just a waiting game. I was expecting at most a finger tip dilated and maybe a bit thinned out, but not basically 3cms dilated and 50% thinned lol, and who knows when all this actually started, it's only been 2 weeks so I guess time will tell.

I will talk to him tomorrow and see what the best plan for us is. Honestly I can't afford to travel back and forth so many times on 'false alarms', however, if the contractions start up again steady like yesterday, we have no choice but to go because you just NEVER know if it's baby time or not. We don't wanna wait then have to really rush 45 mins away to deliver, kwim.

The joys of pregnancy, you never know what's gonna happen and when, even when you've had a pretty laid back pregnancy! I do kinda wish a bit though that there was some sort of change while I was in there and not get sent home with the whole wondering aspect.

Now, I think it's time to attempt a nap, doubt I'll get much of one though!

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Sounds like you had a crazy night! So glad to hear that things tapered off and you may get a few more baby-baking days!!

Take it easy on yourself, mama!

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I'm glad you made it to the graduation! Being 3cm and so far from the hospital must be a little nerve wracking, you really can't take a chance on whether it is false labor or not!

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That's good progress! Hope things slow down for you so you can bake that baby a few days longer.

Glad you made it to the graduation!

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I'm glad you're home and you were able to make it to the graduation!

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Glad you made it to the graduation. Crossing my fingers u can keep her baking a lil longer.

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Every day counts, glad you were able to head home for a bit. Hope baby chills out a bit so you can plump her up! I bet Heather was so excited you made it to her graduation!