I'm nesting.....but not the right kind

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I'm nesting.....but not the right kind

I have been more motivated to sew and get things shipped off than to get to doing what NEEDS to be done. Getting clothes washed for the baby, packing my bag, etc. Instead I have been motivated to sew. I have some stuff I promised my sister, so that is getting done. I have a gift I am going to make for a friend...that will get done. The sewing room needs to be organized.

Where are my priorities, people??? Maybe I just want that sense of completion on this stuff so I can slow down and prep for the baby. Or maybe once I get that c/s date I will REALLY kick it into high gear and work on stuff for her.

Here are pics of what I did last night/today(feel free to yell at me for not getting clothes washed)

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Great stuff... at least you're knocking things off your to-do list one way or the other. Wink

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Getting clothes washed doesn't take much. You can even put a load in the washer and then sew while your waiting for it to get done! I would love to be in sewing mode so that I could get a bunch of stuff done. I am just in sleep mode, so I'm getting NOTHING done! When Mason naps, I nap, so I haven't managed to get one thing sewn for this baby! I do have a boppy cover cut out, and some fabric bought for a car seat tent, but that's as far as I got!

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hey, it's still kind of nesting. I've been sewing/knitting up a storm this last week trying to get things I've wanted to make finished up. I made 11 newborn fitted diapers and a bunch of wipes, finished this baby's blanket and homecoming hat and am working on his homecoming socks. BUT I still have to pack my bag/baby's bag, clean out the car, install his car seat and a bunch of other things around the house. I did wash his clothes, but that was like the other ladies said, as I was sewing this week Lol

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Ok, so minus a small project I worked on for my sister(embroidering a name and phrase on some fabric she sent me), here are the last things I worked on today. My feet are a little swollen and I am tired. Whew. I need to take a break for a day or two from sewing I think.

Ipod/iphone/sunglasses case(for my sister's niece)

Space-themed freezer pop sleeve

and another burp cloth( Kinda messed this one up though Sad )

Thanks for letting me share today!!!

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Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing pics! I'm also nesting in completely the wrong way. I have no desire to clean my house/check things off my to-do list, but I'm really motivated to work on knitting/crafty projects! I have finished a couple of baby washcloths that I wanted to get done, so I guess that's good!

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You always make awesome things! Smile I haven't been nesting much...but I did have a burst of energy on Friday and cleaned alll day...the next day, you couldn't even tell I had cleaned. My efforts are futile! LOL So I say take a break and relax for a day or two!! Smile lol

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My thought on nesting is that if it realives stress and it is on your "to do" list, it is worth it. Everything always seems to come together at the end!

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Love it, especially the Lakers bag!

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Lenora, when I posted the bag I thought "I wonder if Lenora will like this." I don't know many people from L.A. (except myself and my friend, Adrienne) who aren't Laker fans Smile

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I still think the freezer pop holders are SO cool! LOL

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