I'm still here :)

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I'm still here :)

My computer took a you know what last week and I finally have it back! I've been lurking on my phone but it's too hard to post from there Sad Congrats to all of the new mommas!!! I would post on each one but I am running out the door. We are still pregnant....and quickly approaching the "I just don't want to be pregnant anymore" phase ROFL

I will need you gals to distract me this weekend so I'll be on a lot. DH is leaving for a business trip on Thursday night to Washington DC and i'm totally freaked out that this baby is going to come while he is away. if I do go into labor it would be at least 10 hours before he got back :eek: I don't know if I could handle him not being here for it.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi Smile

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I hope you don't have to worry about having baby with DH gone. :confused:

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I hope baby waits until your husband gets back! I totally understand the not wanting to be pregnant any more thing. I was there, and then some, before this little one arrived! Hang in there!

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I hope your baby comes after he gets back Smile

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I hope the baby waits until your husband gets back.

Chris is going to have to wait about an hour or two minimum with Brandon in the lobby of the hospital when I go into labor (so someone can come and get him) and I'm nervous about being up there in L&D alone.

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Hope that baby stays put until DH gets home!