I'm still here and preggo!

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I'm still here and preggo!

After seeing the other post and the confusion as to which Erin had her girls I thought I would just make a separate post! My twinkies are still baking a way!!!! I had an appt yesterday and so far so good! I will definately keep everyone posted as we draw near Wink

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Glad everything is looking good!

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LOL! I was expecting a post from you!

Glad you and the girls are doing well!

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How exciting Erin!! Can't wait to hear the news Smile


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Bake twinkies bake! Biggrin

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Hehehe.. I am excited to have the girls here, but for their health I dont want them here yet! It will be SO nice to have my torso back though! LOL

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Glad to hear the girls are still baking.

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Glad their staying put

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Good to hear!! Smile

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Whoo-eee... glad to hear everything is going well.

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I'm glad you posted this...I thought she was talking about YOU from the post title!!

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Glad they are still baking, just a few more weeks!

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Glad they are still baking!!!! Smile

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I have to admit, I saw it and was scared it was you. 32 weeks is great but I want you to keep baking those beauties!

But I am also so excited for when you do go!!