I'm super excited because..

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I'm super excited because..

We are getting huge, happy smiles. They started last Tues. and have become more frequent and easier to get. And today Bradley started with the cooing. I love it. But they are grow up way too fast. Just wanted to share!! Smile

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I have gotten a few smiles this week too Biggrin
Oh colic how I pray you are on your way out the door!

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Baby smiles are the best! Smile

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I cant wait for the smiles Yahoo

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Thalia smiles now too and I know they are not gas (some times) LOL. She is also trying to talk :eek: lol. So adorable.

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we get smiles, though she makes us work for them. LOL though she also love to "talk" , just this morning DH says she is gonna be a blabber mouth like her mom Biggrin

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I love baby smiles. We are just starting to get them, and the older kiddos get so excited.

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I love baby smiles. We started getting them last week and the last few days I've gotten a lot. I don't remember Brandon smiling so early but then again Brandon was six weeks early and CJ was a week late. He's ticklish on his sides apparently...when I tickle him he totally smiles and makes sounds like he wants to laugh. I love this time.

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We are getting big smiles here too! I love it... The big kids love sitting and talking to her and getting smiles. Smile