I'm Term...

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I'm Term...

and that scares the crap out of me... We are heading in the right direction with getting things done at home. I still need to pack my hospital bag, Lay out clothes for DS, install infant carseat, have things put up in the attic and get items for DS daycare birthday party.

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Awesome! Smile

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Yay for being term! Smile Sounds like you're nearly ready. I'm sure you can pull those things together pretty quickly when/if the need arises. Those are the types of things I have left to do as well.

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CongratS! At least your list isn't huge!

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TERM!! YAY!!!! :woohoo:

oooh, and you just reminded me that we need to get the carseat installed! Thanks Smile

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Congrats on being term! I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and I still haven't done any of the things you mentioned ;-).

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Woohoo! It will all come together

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Whoops congrats!!!!

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Yay, you'd better get ready, lol!!!

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So close now...:)

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So exciting, can't wait to hear the baby has arrived.