Im term

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Im term

It's been a rough stressful road but I made it. Soon ill have my little boy in my arms. I can't wait:thewave::jumpingbeans:

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Congrats Cheryl. Wonder which one of us will go first??

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Congrats girly!!!!

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Yahoo I can't wait till we start seeing these full term babies being born!

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That's awesome, I'm so glad you have been able to make it this far!!! Yahoo

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Woohoo! I'm so glad with all the scares that he decided to geep baking until he was ready!

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Yahoo I'm so glad you were able to keep him in there this long with all those scares! Little man you can now come on out, we're all ready to meet you! Biggrin

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I'm so glad he stayed in there long enough for you to be term. Can't wait to hear he has arrived.

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Yahoo How exciting!!!

I know I was super happy to be officially OFF bed rest when I hit 37 weeks with Daniel! Of course, then he decided he was quite comfy in there and drove me nuts until we went over and I finally agreed to induction. The little stinker. Stubborn to this day, even! Lol

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YAY for Term!

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I have spoken to Simone. She will cease her threats of coming to lay the smackdown on Jayden now...

but seriously YAY!!!!! So happy you made it to term!!!

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Congrats! So glad you were able to keep the little guy in there and make it to this milestone!

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Yay! So glad you made it to term. Smile I bet you are so relieved... he can come any day now.

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What a great milestone for you considering all the trouble you had!

Did you hear about the job?