The irony

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The irony

I half expected it since it happened with dd, but now that I am term tomorrow (yay!), I am having next to no contractipjs and the ones I do have are obviously Braxton hicks. This after at least three episodes of strong, painful, consistent contractions when it was too soon. A couple nights ago dh and I dtd and today we went for a long, hilly walk and I've had nothing going on. Oh well, at least I'm fairly comfortable, just a little hip and groin pain.

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Your body must start saving up its enery for the real thing in the last few weeks! congrats on making it to term - and not having the baby during Irene!! Smile

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I feel the same way Joni. These last couple of weeks, I have felt great with few BH contrax, where as before, I was having them most afternoons/evenings. Silly body. I'm hoping at least it will hep me know the real thing when they do kick in and I get to rest up these last few days.

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I hope you are staying somewhat comfortable!

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I definitely feel uncomfortable but I don't really feel like baby is ready to come out any time soon. I'm ok with that though. If he's born before 37 weeks he automatically has to go to the nursery so I'm hoping he'll hold out until at least 38 weeks.