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Isaiah update

I've been lurking and reading and trying to post Blum 3
Isaiah had his first dr appointment on Thursday for a weight and billi check. He was 6lbs 14oz which was his hospital discharge weight Biggrin and his billi was at 14.2 so they had him go back Friday morning for another check, which was 15.2 and then today and he's going 'down' at 15.1 (and his weight today was 7lbs 1oz!!! he was 7lbs 5oz at birth and he's 6 days old today). They would've done a billi blanket if he went up to 16 but they are just going to see him at the end of the week for his 2 week check and see how he's doing then, unless something changes where I think it's getting worse.
His latch is great now and I'm healing up well, I'm so thankful dh could take a week off this time around! He's not sleeping as great as he was in the hospital Lol for the first few days home he was actually waking once an hour to eat at night but last night he was up every 2-3, which I'll take in comparison
Otherwise we've just been pretty busy, the girls started school on Thursday and we had all of that to deal with. We actually went to their school open house on the way home from the hospital, life with 4 kids I guess. DS1 has been kind of clingy but overall he's doing good with the baby, he seems to like him just wants that extra attention which is another reason I'm thankful dh has been off. I'm a little worried about when he goes back Lol
I have new pictures but still have to do the whole photobucket thing, facebook is so much easier, speaking of, if I don't have you on there just pm me and I'll send my name/link....and go you if you got through all of that, it's taken me a good hour to write Blum 3

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Hope his numbers go down for you so you don't end up having to do the blanket/light.

Hurray for a good latch, and a few hours of sleep in a row!

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It sounds like you are both doing really well handling the adjustment. I hope his levels go down!

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Sounds like things are going perfectly!

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Yay! Sounds like you are doing well. Smile Glad he is nursing good now. He is gaining weight well. Smile

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Glad things r going well!!

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thanks for the update. sounds like he is doing great. that's awesome he is latching well. sorry about DS1.

o/t but when i don't feel like doing the photobucket thing i just copy the facebook public share link and post that Smile

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Hands done to you for juggling 4 kids with or without hubby!

It sounds like he is doing really well! Keep the updates coming!

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Sounds like he had a good appt. overall. Hopefully his levels will go down on their own.