It's 5:45am...and I can't turn my brain off. OT!

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It's 5:45am...and I can't turn my brain off. OT!

Hey girls,

Pardon my rambling rant below. Seriously just skip this all together if you want

My youngest(DS) has had a rough couple nights. I think his last few teeth (the canines) are coming in and it's made for a restless night for him. Poor kiddo Sad I was up at 4:30 with DH and have not been able to fall back to sleep since. Can someone tell my brain to shut off and go back to sleep for at least another hour and a half???

I guess the bright side of it is that it forced me to check in with one of my yahoo groups and one of the newest members posted something she has made recently that I fell in love with. Now I want to stay home all day and make mug rugs. LOL I'm ridiculous!!!!!

Mug rugs are smaller than a placemat and larger than a coaster, meant for your cofee(or tea) and a 'snack" They are soooo cute!!!!

So now I have all these ides for them in my head and guess what? NOW I REALLY AM NOT GOING to sleep. Too many ideas for cute stuff to sew.

Anyone want to come over and play with some cute kids while I create???

Anyone else need to vent to turn their brain off? Tell me I am not the only crazy one today.

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I've been having a really rough time sleeping longer than an hour at a time at night. :confused:

Last night was even worse, cause DH and I went and saw a movie at 9pm (usually when I'm struggling with the kids to go to sleep). I had such a good time with DH that I couldn't fall asleep. I felt like a teenager cause he and I aren't sleeping in the same house right now. We are down with his family in No. CA and there is barely room for me and the boys in the one room at his mom's, so he sleeps at his Gramma's house while here.

Sadly, I haven't conformed to the insomnia bad enough to allow it to get me out of bed and on the computer. Lol I will NOT give in, I will NOT give in. Lol

Hope you got to go back to sleep for a bit.

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I did for a little bit. But not until 7 and then the kids were up by 7:45. LOL

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I couldn't sleep last night either. My 10 month old has been in his own room since April, and doing TREMENDOUSLY well with it. Sleeping 12ish hours straight.

Well yesterday was day 2 of a lack of a bm, and he was acting uncomfortable. He's never done that before, so we found it really unusual. We knew if he woke up in the middle of the night, we should really go get him and change him.
So he woke up at 12:45am, and we both went in - clean diaper.... so we decided to bring him into our bed for the first time since he moved out of our room. Man, he didn't sleep at all, we didn't sleep. He kept trying to play and climb on us and everything else. It was miserable. I feel like I felt with a newborn, with NO sleep at all.
He finally "made a stinky" (as my husband calls it, lol) and is much happier now. Wink

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I've been having a hard time sleeping too. Getting comfortable is getting harder and harder.

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I have had horrible insomnia this pg. The last few months it took me hours to fall asleep. Luckily I have Netflix on my phone so I just watched tv shows on my phone at night. I made it through the first four seasons of Army Wives, lol.

The last week, my insomnia has shifted. Now I can fall asleep but I can't stay asleep and once three rolls around I toss and turn until I finally get up around 6. It's lame. I don't remember having this problem the last time, but oh well.

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I sleep like a log other than having to take a potty break around 3am...unfortunately my DS hasn't gotten the message and has been waking up super early :-? I know what you mean though, if I get an idea right before bed I lay in bed for so long just thinking about it that it takes forever to fall asleep!!

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Im with you ladies, i cant stay asleep and i cant get comfy its super frustrating...

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