I've hit my weight limit, and passed it!

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I've hit my weight limit, and passed it!


I had my 27 week appointment today. I'm 27 weeks along today.

Since I was "average" weight when I started, my "limit" was 20lbs.

I am at 22lbs now. :confused:

With my first I gained 25 lbs, with my 2nd I gained 30. This time.... I was hoping to keep it 20 since I started at 20lbs less this time than I did with my other two. :confused:

Looks like I may be heading to the 30 mark again. *sigh*

The doctor I saw today for my check up was not my regular doctor, but he did not seem too worried about it. :roll: My last appointment my doc was starting to give me the "slow it down" speech. That was 5 lbs ago. :eek:

At least everything else was good. My BP is still normal, my urine is still infection free :yahoo:, and the heart rate was good. My belly was 28-29, though. I'm hoping to get more active as the weather gets nicer.. just have to wait til the weather gets nicer. It's gonna be a long summer, isn't it? Sad

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Sounds like a great appt. Don't worry about your weight. I think you are doing good. But, it is going to be a long, hot summer!

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Glad everything looks good! Dont worry about the weight! I gained 50 lbs with my son! My OB never even gave it a second thought and just told me not to worry about the weight!

20lbs is really little to gain for a pregnancy, I think 30-35 is normal.

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I agree that a 20lb limit if you're a healthy weight to start with seems a bit on the low side. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've gained faster with this pregnancy as well. I'm really attempting to slow it down, but we'll see what happens. It will be a pain to lose it once the baby's born, but other than that it's not a big deal.

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I wouldn't worry about it either. Mine told me 20lbs as well . I haven't reached it yet but he told me that he expects me to gain it plus some before the end. He wasn't worried at all. Said as long as the baby was healthy and so was I that was all that was important. As long as u r healthy that's all you should care about.

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I really do think as long as you are eating healthy your body will gain what it needs to. I've been exercising at least every other day and watching what I'm eating and the past few weeks I have been gaining about 2lbs a week, which puts me ahead of where I'd like to be but not much you can do about it.
I do agree 20lbs sounds low, I thought they always said 25-30lbs? At the rate I'm going I have no doubt I'll reach at least 30.
Glad everything else went well though! Don't feel bad about the weight, you are pregnant and you have to feed that baby.

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Glad your appt. went well.

I agree with the others I wouldn't worry too much about weight. I was always told 30-35 lbs. was my target for weight gain starting at a normal weight. Of course I gained a little over 40 (and am on target to do so again) and they never made a big deal out of it.