Julia coming tomorrow!!

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Julia coming tomorrow!!

I will be going in for my c-section tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to the procedure itself, but I am SO looking forward to the relief from all this discomfort and meeting our new little princess. Prayers are greatly appreciated that all goes well. This is my third c-section so I know what to expect but surgery is surgery and I am a bit nervous on that level.

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Good luck tomorrow!! Here's hoping all goes well and I think it's perfectly natural to be nervous regardless as to how many sections you have! Look forward to seeing pics of Julia!

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Gold luck! We will be thinking of you and your precious little girl!

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Lots of thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery. Can't wait to hear of news of Julia's birth.

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Thoughts & prayers are with you for an easy delivery

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Thinking of you!

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Thinking of you and praying for you today! Hope everything goes well, can't wait to see little Julia!

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Oh how exciting! Hoping everything is going smoothly today. Can't wait to meet Julia! Biggrin

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I hope everything went smoothly! Can't wait to hear about it/see pictures!