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Just Checking In!

Hiya everyone, how is everyone doing? All is going well here, been busy doing this, that and everything else lol. I've been lurking a bit and reading but I do apologize for not posting much, I guess alot of people are doing much the same!

Anyways, Alyssa's doing well. She was weighed during the week and she's now just over 9lbs! She's gained about a lb and a half in the month since she was born, not too shabby! She's sleeping better at night too AND we've managed to get her to sleep IN her crib during the day, woohoo!. She's more awake and alert through the day too. Friday I took her to see a local photographer to get pics done, she's not a professional by any means, but she does a great job on all her pics. She got about 200 pics of Alyssa, some are probably close to being duplicated due to different angles, different lighting choices etc, but that's fine with me! For 70 bucks, we get ALL the pics in original form on a cd, plus all the ones she edits. She pics and chooses a good bunch of them to edit, and we get them as well. She's posted 2 on FB and omg, I can't WAIT to get our cd! I will post them when we get the cd :D.

I'm starting to feel like a human being again. I've been wearing 'normal' pants for a couple weeks now. The bleeding is gone, and that weird feeling when going pee is gone, thank god! My belly is still sore though :confused:, and I have that pulling/pins and needles type feeling still in my belly, I'm reallly hoping that goes away soon, I just wanna feel normal again!! I'm glad that I can lift up Hailey now, remember one of my recovery recommendations was no lifting anything more than 10lbs for at least 4 weeks, and since I was paranoid about pulling stitches or something, I followed it. Poor girl finally gets to have her mommy back, and she's so stuck on Bruce though. It's a bit rough on me because most of the time she wants him, and cries if I try and take her from him etc. Just the other day, we went to the store, and he took Hailey out of the van, then came around to get Alyssa's car seat out. He was like, so, who do ya wanna carry? I said well I'll take Hailey, so he handed her to me and she cried Sad Soooo, back she went and I took Alyssa :confused:. It's rough but she'll get over it eventually... espeically when he goes back to work and we're still not sure when that'll be, since he technically can take 35 weeks off and be paid for them, so he's in no hurry lol!

But, other than that, don't think there's much to report on. Hope to be around a bit more this week! Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian members, hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend :).

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Glad things are going well for you. I have been super busy myself. Going back to work tomorrow and trying to get things settled around the house.

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Yay for Alyssa growing, and sleeping better!

Boo that Hailey is being a stinker to you! Maybe a blessing, so that DH can help her more and free you up to attend to baby?